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Jan 1, 17

IGD January: Full Steam Ahead

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

December was another big month for us, as we continued to publish a flurry of submissions, original content, podcasts, columns, and much more. With the reality of Trump’s selection by the electoral college now sinking in, we are now seeing people across the US not only dig into the the day to day struggles all around them, but also begin to organize in their communities to build capacity and to prepare for what lays on the horizon. It’s been inspiring to see the wide variety of events, workshops, trainings, skillshares, and conferences being organized across the US, as it is to see the dynamic and lively discussion about the tasks that lie ahead of us. With #DisruptJ20 less than three weeks away, we expect to see a flurry of activity on IGD and look forward to what the new year brings.

Grandma Got Run Over by a Black Bloc

Despite the tranquilizer dart to the neck that is the the holiday season, IGD continued to grow and expand in December on all fronts. This month, IGD was visited by around 55,705 unique visitors, leaving our daily unique visitor count at around 1,900. Hopefully in January we can climb even higher and reach an average of 2k visitors per day. On the social media front we also continued to grow, as our twitter now has about 6,650 followers (over 1,000 more since last month) and gathered over 1.23 million impressions throughout the month. Meanwhile, our instagram continues to grow and our facebook has over 4,360 likes and even more followers.

Our most popular articles this month included the original essay What Anarchists Have Been Saying for Years, and What Liberal Need to Start Hearingwhich has gotten almost 12k reads, a report on anarchist groups in Mexico being targeted by the Mexican state, a memorial post for Michael Israel, who was killed by the Turkish State in Rojava, a report from Boston area antifa who came out against Steve Bannon, a call to shut down Milo at UC Berkeley, and a call from Seattle for #DisruptJ20.

Also of note, we put forward a 2016 ‘Year in Review,’ a report and collection of resources on fighting the grand jury at Standing Rock, as well as a new analysis piece of the Alt-Right entitled, The Rich Kids of Fascismwhich we are happy to annouce is going to included in a booklet put out by Kersplebedeb soon and will distributed by AK Press.

This month we saw activity from all of our columns as Bloc PartyInsumision, and All the News You Didn’t Even Know Was Going Down offered up news and analysis.

In December we also put out a total of 5 podcasts, which included our first ever audio documentary from Standing Rock which many people stated was our ‘best yet,’ an interview with Morgantown Ultra-Left Network (MULN) in West Virginia that discussed their upcoming conference in April, a conversation with the Pacific Northwest Anti-Fascist Workers Collective, who is organizing both in prisons and in trade unions against white supremacists, a special all-Spanish podcast (with text english translations) which featured interviews with anti-prison organizers talking about Mexican anarchist political prisoners and even included several songs from an anarcho-punk band in prison, and lastly, an in depth interview with Scott Campbell on his upcoming IGD trip to Mexico and a host of Mexico-related topics. Expect even more this month!

As it stands now, we haven’t been able to get the IGDCAST onto iTunes, but in the future, hopefully that will change. Until then, never miss an episode by subscribing to our feed here!

Lastly, we are still getting our shirts out there. If you haven’t snagged one yet, please do so! Also, if you work or volunteer at a radical bookstore, infoshop, community center, or autonomous space and want some shirts to sell, let us know!

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New Year’s Resolution

This summer, IGD will turn two years old. It’s hard to believe it’s already been so long, but in moving ahead we only hope to continue on the trajectory of growth that are already currently on. For us to continue to grow, that means more and more publishing both original and submitted works, but also writings, podcasts, and videos documentaries that speak to our present moment and reality and reach a wider audience than beyond one set circle. We’re excited about the path ahead and are glad you are with us. As always, we need your help to make this possible. If every person reading IGD per day donated just $1, our monthly fundraiser would be over on that very day. If everyone donated $3, there’s no telling what we could pull off.

Thanks to everyone that’s help us get this far and has continued to support us. Asking for $2,000 a month is a big deal and we are humbled that everyone has stood by to help us get there. As a thank you, we are planning on releasing a new issue of the IGD magazine this month. Stay tuned!

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