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Mar 15, 17

IGD March: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

It’s been another big month for us. Events in Berkeley on February 1st against that guy that no one cares about led to a steady stream of media articles and a huge amount of interest in the anarchist movement, the black bloc, antifascism, and more. It has also sent our hits through the fucking roof.

Like, dizam. 

The amount of growth this project has undergone in the last several months at times is daunting and sometimes hard to even keep up with. Our hits haven’t just risen, they’ve exploded. As we write this, we’ve hit a new high today of 48,000 original viewers. Talk about a new normal. Just two months ago, our eyes would have went wide if we hit upwards of 2,000, much less the 300 that we got when we started, and now we are many times that amount every day.

Dealing with the amount of media interest in IGD and the anarchist movement that we are a part of has at times also been hard to navigate, and we often ask ourselves why engage with mainstream or even ‘alternative media’ at all? Especially at a time when voices outside of the mainstream are growing more powerful, including our own.

We hope this exposure at the very least begins to push back against attacks by the far-Right that anarchists are “paid protesters” and also helps normalize a set of positions, ideas, and actions. But in many ways, that task is upon us, not those in the media. Because at the end of the day, what allows us to grow, connect, and network with new people and potential bases of support isn’t going to come from the big corporations, it’s going to come from the hard work and dedication of people on the ground, putting in the time and effort, taking action, and fighting back. IGD remains committed to being an ever ready platform for everyone on the frontlines to amplify these struggles and ideas to an ever growing body of people who are eager to hear what we have to say.

And to be clear to everyone reading this: if you have ever been on the fence about writing something for this site, submitting your project, and getting involved – fucking do it. Now is the time. Have a podcast? Great. Have a video series? Fantastic. Have a column idea? Bring it.

Regardless of it you are in a big city, on a reservation, a trailer park, or in a rural isolated place, if you are taking action, organizing, and doing the damn thing – let us know. It does not matter that you are blocking a pipeline, leading a walkout at school, doing an action at work, or tearing down some fascist posters – document it and send it to us. In our day and age where people go ga-ga over anarchists in ski masks filling goddamn potholes, one thing is clear: we need to tell the world about our movement and what it is doing.

And in saying this we aren’t making the case that by creating more crap on the internet we win. We are making the case that by showing people that we are actively engaged in everything from direct physical resistance to genuine community building and encouraging them to get involved with that activity, we can actually grow, we can move forward, and we can become more powerful.

We are committed to putting in work to keep this site running, but we are nothing without you making news and getting it to us.

Together, let’s kick some ass. 

Looking Back on February

Our hit average for February was 17,000 original viewers per day, compared to our daily average in January of 4,000 per day. On twitter, we grew past 13,000 followers, and on Facebook we grew past 10,000 likes and follows.

Top articles included How to Join the Resistance, First, They Shot the Anarchistscoverage of the anti-police revolt in Anaheim, a critique of Bill Maher mainstreaming Milo, a look at the two Alt-Righters going after the Richard Spencer puncher, and a look at antifa fighting ISIS in Rojava.

Magazine, Stickers, Shirts, and Book!

We are almost out of shirts, so donate $20 and get one while you can. If you want to get a good deal on the stock we have left with a bulk order, let us know. We are planning on doing another run of a new design. So if you have any great ideas, let us know!

Our new magazine is getting out in the world! We are currently helping to get it across the US, but if you have the ability to print copies go here to get the PDF.

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New stickers thanks to the fine folks at @freshprints510! Check them out for your own project.

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We have stickers! Soon we will be figuring out now people can get sticker packs. Hold fast or make your own stickers here.

We have an essay in a book! Check that book out here.

Call for Funds

Doing IGD full time is both rewarding and extremely taxing. We are also putting our trust in our readers that we can continue to do this project and pay the bills while doing it. If we are to continue, we need you the reader to help us.

This month, we are currently behind on our fundraising goal. If every single person that read this website today gave one dollar, we could stfu about money for over a year. Please, drop some money in the tip jar. Help us continue. Donate $20 or more and we will send you a shirt and stickers.

Keep us going, help us grow.

Thanks for everything. 

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