IGD #Pittsburgh: Thousands Confront Trump & Fascism


On Tuesday, October 30th, thousands of people took to the streets of Pittsburgh to mourn the passing of 11 people at the hands of an Alt-Right white nationalist, who attacked the Tree of Life synagogue several days ago for their work in supporting refugees and immigrants. The gunman, 46 year old, Robert Bowers, stated his intent to attack the synagogue to not only “kill Jews,” but also to make a murderous statement about the caravan of Honduran refugees that he, along with Donald Trump, refers to as “an invasion.’

According to Raw Story, due to the size and scale of the protests, Trump’s motorcade had to be redirected as to avoid the protests. As various news outlets reported, there were two massive marches organized, and these two demonstrations came together in the streets and then marched on the Tree of Life synagogue where Trump visited for several hours after touching down in Pittsburgh. Police kept protesters away from the President, as thousands chanted against Trump and white nationalism.

The demonstrations showed both an outpouring of anger at President Trump, but also in a way that drew a direct political line between Trump’s political ideology and policies and the neo-Nazi attack on the Tree of Life synagogue. At a time when people across the US are pushing back against Trumpism, such resistance shows that we are united in resisting the regime despite the color of our skin, our religious beliefs, our sexuality, or our gender.

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