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Jun 4, 17

IGD Portland: Pacific Northwest Converges Against Alt-Right Terror

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On Sunday, June 4th, people swarmed into downtown Portland for a series of demonstrations against the Alt-Right in the wake of two horrific murders and another stabbing, after a member of the Alt-Right tried to assault two women of color on a commuter MAX train last week. In Portland since the murders, more racist assaults have taken place against a MAX driver and against Muslim people. In the United States, a string of more racially motivated attacks have also taken place, from a machete attack in Clearlake, California, an assault on an Asian man in Southern California, the running over of an indigenous youth in Washington, not to mention the fact that police killings across the United States are soaring. As of this writing, law enforcement officers in the United States have killed 504 people since the start of 2017, making for an average of over three a day.

What is happening in Portland should serve as a wakeup call for people across the US: the State does not care about racist and fascist violence; it does not see it as a threat to its power structurePeople must come together where they are to push back against the far Right and the danger that it represents as part of a broader struggle against capital and the State.

Throughout the day, numerous members of various fascist, neo-Nazi, and Alt-Right groups both addressed the crowd and were part of the demonstration, including Identity Evropa, the Proud Boys, and the Traditionalist Worker Party. Alt-Right speakers included Kyle Chapman and Baked Alaska, while white nationalists such as Brittany Pettibone also livestreamed.

At 12 noon, Portland police rushed the antifascist rally, taking defensive items away, and at around 3:30 PM began to shoot into the crowd, attempting to force the black bloc out of the park so they could begin to evacuate the Alt-Right side. Police later kettled the antifascist side, not letting people leave until they had looked at their IDs. Members of the International Socialist Organization (ISO), who had been in talks with the Portland Mayor the past few days, worked to undermine the antifascist side, pushing people who wore masks out of their rally at city hall and demanding that people leave the rally after police began to attack antifascists at Chapman Square. Reportbacks coming soon.

This page will be continuously updated throughout the day. 

5 PM Portland police are slowly letting people go, but checking IDs first.

4:41 PM Police and militia work together to make arrest.

4:32 PM Portland police saying that they will make arrests based on “probable cause.”

4:23 PM Portland police now saying that they are detaining march due to “criminal mischief.” Claim that people must leave the area; however, they cannot leave. Saying they will arrest people who cannot physically disperse. Saying they are investigating “disorderly conduct.”

4:13 PM Department of Homeland Security and Portland Police out on the streets to attack the anarchist and antifa rally.

4:08 PM Police now declaring that both parks where Alt-Right rally and counter-demonstration took place are now off limits, stating that they will arrest people if they do not disperse. Now that they have evacuated the Alt-Right rally participants, they can turn their attention to attack their common enemies: anarchists and antifa.

3:35 PM Police shooting projectiles and move into antifascist rally, protecting the neo-Nazis.

3:30 PM Police announce that south side of Chapman Square is closed; part of antifascist rally.

3:20 PM Kyle Chapman addresses Alt-Right rally.

3 PM Alt-Right neo-Nazi troll Baked Alaska addresses rally. Alaska was kicked out of Deploraball Trump celebration last year for anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi tweets. He openly calls people “Kikes.” Seems to have found a home at Portland Alt-Right rally.

2:45 PM Two members of the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) are spotted at Alt-Right rally. This makes yet another neo-Nazi group that was in attendance, including Identity Evropa. Members of the Alt-Right Proud Boys also are on the scene.

2:30 PM People on the ground report that at the liberal/socialist rally, members of the ISO are kicking out anyone with a mask on, putting those people at more risk of Alt-Right and police attacks. The ISO have also been in talks with the Mayor’s office, helping to channel people into their event and facilitate containment of the antifascist side. The “Free Speech” rally continues to remain small and is currently surrounded on all sides and by a lot of police. Riot police have again successfully protect a group of (largely out-of-town) Alt-Right neo-Nazis and “Patriot” militants from the community that opposes them.

2:20 PM Reports of now three arrests.

2 PM Anarchist and antifascist rally only getting bigger.

1:50 PM: Bus drivers make a showing on the antifascist side. Proud Boy driven out of the park.

1:40 PM: Reports of at least 1k people out on the streets of Portland. Neo-Nazis with Identity Evropa have contingent within larger Alt-Right demo, as well as Proud Boys, and “Stickmen” under the control of Kyle Chapman. Low numbers still on the Alt-Right side. Protest spilling into street.

1:20 PM: Rose City Antifa reports that Proud Boys, an Alt-Right group, are mobilizing.

1:10 PM: Journalist bumps into “Jacob Von Ott,” a neo-Nazi in Identity Evropa. Seen weeks ago shaking hands with Jeremy Christian, who was giving Hitler salutes.

1:05 PM: Neo-Nazi group Identity Evropa has moved position.

1 PM: Report of Kyle Chapman entering into the park.

12:57 PM: Neo-Nazis with Identity Evropa just arrived and are staging in the park.

12:47 PM: Police making one arrest.

12:45 PM: Rose City Antifa reports that Alt-Right staging.

12:35 PM: Report of more banner drops along highways in solidarity with #DefendPDX.

12:30 PM: Police and Homeland Security lining up to keep the two sides separated, focusing energy on policing antifascists and anarchists. Alt-Right troll Tim Pool states that “Free Speech” Alt-Right rally is very small. Others report that there are only “dozens” of Alt-Right supporters, while there are hundreds of anarchists and antifascists.

12: 26 PM: People in Alt-Right rally shouting “n-word.” Police respond by taking flags from antifascist side.

12:25 PM: Patriot groups complaining on livestream about chants of the larger antifascist group are “drowning out their free speech.”

12:20 PM: Rose City Antifa reports that police attacking the antifascist rally while leaving the Alt-Right rally alone.

12:17 PM: Portland police are taking flags from antifascist protesters. Also giving announcement over loud speakers.

12:15 PM: Reports of police coming in and taking a spider puppet from antifa. Livestreamers claiming that antifascist rally growing, the “free speech” side is smaller. Local unions also out joining the protest.

12 NOON: Riot police move against the antifascist rally, squared off across from the Alt-Right rally, reportedly arresting one youth skateboarding by. It is clear that the police view anarchists and antifascists as the chief enemy of the day, not the Alt-Right, which produces murderer after murderer.

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