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Aug 4, 18

IGD Providence, RI: “Go Back to 4chan!” Community Quickly Shuts Down Fascist Rally

Below is a round up of the action in Providence, RI today, which was over in under 30 minutes. Please send report backs to IGD, and we will continue to cover the action in Portland, Oregon throughout the day. Stay safe!

Providence, RI 1: 15 PM (EST): It seems the “Resist Marxism” rally is over after only 20 or so minutes, overwhelmed by a much larger counter demonstration made up of a large coalition of groups and community members. Resist Marxism has solid links to individuals associated with the Proud Boys such as Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman and groups like the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights and the American Guard. An investigative piece by Think Progress found that the organization itself harbors many open neo-Nazis, who use the cover of “free speech” rallies to build a popular far-Right front with Trump supporters and white nationalists. As Stop the Next Unite the Right wrote on Twitter:

The disgraced, soaked fash are shame walking back to their cars with chants of “Goodbye”, being forced to step on horse poop on their way out. The rally lasted less than 25 minutes…

Reports are still coming in from this very brief demonstration, but it seems that the first round of #AllOutAugust goes to a united mass community respond to fascists and white nationalists. Here is a round up of some of the action:

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