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Mar 22, 18

IGD Sacramento: Sac Town Shuts it Down for #StephonClark

On March 18th, Stephon Clark, a 22 year old father of two, died after Sacramento Police shot him 20 times in his grandmother’s yard. As Vox wrote:

According to a press release from the Sacramento Police Department, officers were in the area at night, investigating reports of a man who allegedly broke car windows and hid in a backyard. A helicopter directed the two officers to Clark.

The officers approached Clark as he walked to his backyard. One officer shouted, “Show me your hands! Stop!” Clark continued to walk, ending up in the backyard. The officers pursued him. Within seconds of coming face to face with Clark, the cop shouted more orders — “Show me your hands!” — and finally yelled, “Gun, gun, gun!” The two officers on the scene then fired 20 shots — never identifying themselves as police before they killed Clark.

Police originally stated that Clark was seen carrying a gun, but then later changed their story to a metal bar, and video released after his death clearly showed that Clark was only carrying his cell phone. In the wake of the release of the video, people gathered in Sacramento on March 22nd, and took to the streets to decry the killing. After an hour of marching through the streets, people then took to the I-5 freeway, a major highway and transportation commodities corridor, shutting it down on both sides.

The murder of Clark is sadly only one of 278 people who have been killed by US law enforcement since the start of 2018, according to Killed by Police. Also, recent studies released and reported on by the New York Times, also shows a clear system of racial apartheid within the United States, whereas African-American male children from the top 1% are just as likely to be arrested as blue-collar white male children. These systems of violence and domination are the building blocks of white supremacy and settler-colonialism, but have only proliferated under neoliberalism, both under Obama as well as Trump.

After leaving the freeway in the hundreds, protesters surrounded and blocked the entrances of a local sports stadium, shutting down partially a Sacramento Kings basketball game.

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