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Jul 21, 17

IGD St. Louis: Hundreds Clash with Cops to Shut Down Jail Workhouse

Hundreds of demonstrators converged in St. Louis at the local jail workhouse to protest ongoing horrific work and living conditions. In the days prior, inmates asked for help and solidarity and in one viral video, were heard screaming, “Help us!, we ain’t got no AC!” The majority of the facility does not have air conditioning and houses upwards of 800 inmates.

In the lead up to the protest, local officials stated that investigators would step in, however it remains to be seen if these investigations will do anything and improve conditions. The city alderman has announced that emergency AC units will be brought in, but only after large militant demonstrations rocked the facility. The protesters who converged sent a clear message that the facility needed to be shut down, as militants pushed on the fense and clashed with police, while inmates waved their shirts out their windows in support.

The militant demonstrations have pushed the issue and forced those in power to respond by creating a crisis and mobilizing broad popular community support across racial lines in the city.

Shut it down!

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