No one knows what will on happen on Friday, January 20th; but people can agree on one thing, there’s is going to be about 1 million people in Washington DC and shit will probably get crazy. Some will come to shut down the inauguration, and some will come to welcome a far-Right billionaire to the head of the table of politics. Across the country, people are getting organized and planning actions. Find some near you here. Wanting to know more about what people are doing out in DC, we caught up with two sets of people who are all getting organized around J20. This includes two members from the Counter-Inaugural Welcoming Committee, as well as two members of the General Defense Committee (GDC) of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). We talked to both groups about what to expect, but more over about the autonomous organizing work that is going into the #DisruptJ20 mass actions.

Our guests cover a wide range of topics and in our first interview, we first get into the nitty gritty details of what is going down in DC. There are a lot of actions called for, both permitted and non, and there is a wide range of actions that people can plug into. We talk about some of the resources that are available for people coming into DC, such as housing, food, medical, legal, and information infrastructure. For #DisruptJ20 resources, go to the #DisruptJ20 website here and add them on twitter here.

We then move into other territory, such as responses and threats from the far-Right, which includes a look back at the recent National Policy Institute (NPI) conference that ended in Nazis salutes for Trump, talk on police and media responses to the mobilization, as well as the political landscape in DC and what the mass #DisruptJ20 organizing has meant for anarchists in the city and beyond.

We end the first discussion with talk about how the two participants are excited about the growth of interest in anarchist organizing structures, and that J20 isn’t just a one off day of action; what comes next is even more important. It will be a day where anarchists can show the power of direct action and autonomous resistance in the face of a bureaucratic and authoritarian Left that is rapidly becoming irrelevant, and more over, that we need to take these organizing models and ideas back into our communities and start to get busy.

In our second interview in the podcast, we talk with two members of the General Defense Committee (GDC) of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), who are based out of Baltimore and Washington DC. They talk about their work of promoting working-class self-defense, the fight against the far-Right, and why they are excited about the demonstrations on #J20. We end by talking about the growing possibilities of anarchist ideas spreading and anti-authoritarian organizing tactics becoming more popularized.

No matter what you do on J20, it’s sure to be a historic and important day. Stay tuned to IGD for more updates and ways to plug in.

Music: Promoe, Kid Dynamite, and Van Leeuwen.

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