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Nov 2, 16

Fighting Pipelines and Eminent Domain Along the Mississippi in Iowa

Originally published to It’s Going Down
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The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota has grabbed headlines in revolutionary and autonomous media and brought together indigenous nations and formations in a fight to not only protect the drinking water of thousands but also reclaim lands and protect sacred sites. Happening at the same time but receiving less attention has been another battle happening in South Eastern Iowa, where a group of people calling themselves Mississippi Stand has waged an ongoing battle to stop a portion of DAPL construction directly under the Mississippi River.

Speaking with the IGDCAST for the second time is Deep Roots (hear them talk about the #PrisonStrike here), who is a rank-n-file member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and also involved in the union’s General Defense Committee (GDC) and African People’s Caucus. Deep Roots discusses the formation of Mississippi Stand and the drilling and construction process for the pipeline which threatens to contaminate drinking water and displace people. Using the threat of eminent domain, the pipeline is being pushed through one of the poorest communities in Iowa – but not without a fight.

Throughout the episode, Deep Roots touches on the challenges of getting everyday people most impacted by the pipeline involved in the struggle involved in the campaign, as well as the general feelings of anger found in the area towards DAPL. We then discuss the ongoing resistance to DAPL in Iowa as well as a few stories about facing down security and police forces. Deep Roots then talks on her experiences within the various camps in North Dakota and about how they are organized on a day to day basis.

We end the episode discussing people’s responses to acts of sabotage and arson to DAPL equipment and moreover, combating a strict belief in non-violence found in the movement. We then talk about what resistance to DAPL and solidarity could look like as the need to support the struggle grows with each violent attempt by the police at eviction.

If you are in the Iowa area and want to get involved in Mississippi Stand, please check out their website here. If you are able, throw a benefit event for their legal defense fund or donate online here. Check out their Amazon wish list here.

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