‘The Front Lines Are Every Where,’ An Audio-Documentary From Standing Rock


The following IGDCAST is much more than our usual offering, instead this is a full on audio-documentary from the front lines of the ongoing struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline, recorded in the midst of police clashes and front line action. This episode is only the first in a series of on the ground reporting that seeks to cover the expanding militant resistance happening in so-called North Dakota against the black snake. The picture painted is as sad as it is joyful; as terrifying as it is inspiring, and calls us all to action and to get organized, wherever we are.

rtsskt7-1024x681In this episode, we cover the period immediately following the epic battle between water protectors and state and DAPL forces on a major bridge on November 21st, (where police shot at protesters and used water cannons in freezing temperatures), through Thanksgiving, which resulted in more clashes. These recent actions have led to over 300 injuries due to police repression, including one water protector almost losing an arm, and another almost losing an eye.

cyc_xiyuqaaycdaThis episode allows the listener to hear both the intense sounds of the camps, the police threatening to attack, the noise from front line action, and revolutionary music from inside the encampment itself. We also discuss and dispel much of the misinformation being put out by police and corporate media, which attempts to back pedal, cover up, and explain away heavy handed tactics which are putting lives in danger everyday.

The time for revolutionary solidarity and action with #NoDAPL has never been greater. We encourage people to read this excellent piece published exclusively on IGD about developing a concentrated pressure campaign against companies profiting from DAPL here.

Music: Savage Fam featuring BOI, Sole, and Deftones. 

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