The pagan anarchist website Gods and Radicals is growing, and is putting out a stream of original content everyday along with hard-hitting podcasts and publications. Wanting to know more about the project and how it’s expanding, we caught up with Rhyd Wildermuth and picked their brain about a variety of topics.

In this interview, we discuss how online projects can resist the cold isolation of the internet, how Gods and Radicals is organizing events in the real world, how paganism can bring people into the anarchist movement, and also how white nationalists are appropriating pagan and earth based spiritualities. We then discuss how white people can avoid falling into either appropriating various cultures or a pseudo-white nationalism as practicing pagans. We end by talking about what is next for Gods and Radicals and ways that people can check out their work.

Gods and Radicals (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


A Beautiful Resistance

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