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Sep 2, 16

Peak Alt-Right and Globalizing Antifa

Originally posted to It’s Going Down
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In this episode of IGDCAST, we catch up with IGD contributor Ben Jones to talk about white nationalism, the Alternative Right, and antifa. We discuss several recent articles that touch on the the Alt-Right as well as the coming to prominence of white nationalism in the political mainstream through the media and what this means for revolutionaries.

Jones argues the greatest danger lies in the coming together of the Patriot movement and white nationalists, and goes on to discuss the various far-Right formations in the Pacific Northwest. We then go on to talk about how anti-fascists could evolve over the coming months and years, as Jones argues against putting too much importance into who will be elected, but instead, what issues white nationalists will attach themselves to in order to gain inroads into the white working-class. The conversations ends with some ideas on how anti-fascism could evolve, as well as thinking about how anarchists and anti-racists could interact with gun culture.

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