In his recent essay on IGD, Peter Gelderloos argued that Trump isn’t a departure from American democracy, but is simply it’s latest, most vile creation. While Trump is not a strict fascist contends Gelderloos, (a long time anarchist writer, organizer, and thinker), part of Trump’s appeal is that he seeks to re-strengthen white supremacy at a time when many people are losing faith in the State and the economic system, while offering ready made enemies and easy answers to complex problems.

Wanting to know more about how Gelderloos sees the Trump administration and what this means for anarchists and autonomous anti-capitalists, we picked Peter’s brain about everything from robots (not immigrants) taking your job, Bannon’s “economic nationalism” and how it relates to the failure of neoliberalism, what he would tell Trump supporters about how Trump’s talk of creating jobs is total bullshit, anti-fascism, the need for anarchists to put their ideas into action and build alternatives, and the real threats of world war and mass repression.

This interview isn’t puppies and rainbows, but Gelderloos’ sobering analysis of the situation leaves us with a much clearer idea of what we are up against, what is at stake, and ideas for action in the coming terrain.

Music: Dave Hause covering Dillinger Four

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