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Since It’s Going Down began, we’ve been watching indigenous struggles against pipelines, fracking, and resource extraction explode across so-called Canada and it has been inspiring. Now, in the United States the struggle is also picking up steam.


In areas like Vermont, we have seen heated battles take place and now in South Dakota, members of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and other indigenous nations have taken up the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is a project of the Dakota Access Pipeline, LLC, which is a part of Energy Transfer Partners and is backed in part by the Enbridge corporation. The pipeline would threaten tribes, wildlife, eco-systems, and non-Native communities up and down the Missouri River all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.


Wanting to know more about the fight against the pipeline, (at the time of this writing has been halted due to the protests), which has grown into a large scale encampment of hundreds of people from various tribes as well as non-Native people, we caught up a participant in the Red Warrior Camp. The RWC is dedicated to defense of the encampment and the wider mobilization and is calling on land and water defenders across North American and the world, to join in the struggle.


In the interview we talk about the history of the fight against the pipeline, repression that has been dished out to the occupation from the police and the various stakeholding corporations, growing solidarity across the world, and ways that people can support the fight. The RWC participant encourages people to come out and join in the defense of the living land, donate to the campaign, and also organize actions in solidarity. Energy Transfer Partners and Enbridge are large corporations with lots of offices and infrastructure, so even if you live far away, hopefully you can find a way to plug in.

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