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New issue of the Incarcerated Worker, which is a publication of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC). In this issue:

Front Page: A Treatise to End Mass Incarceration – Serge M. Hyland Artwork by Riley Feller

Page 2: Artwork by Ralph “Bingo” Chaplin

Page 3: Artwork by the New Underground Railroad Movement

Page 4: Timeline: Recent Events Page

5: IWW Glossary: Part III Get to Know Your Enemy – Zero

Page 6: Prisoners’ Social Media Access Banned – Kevin Rashid Johnson Photo: Uprising at Attica

Page 8: Artwork by Free Alabama Movement

Page 9: 1984: A Prediction Come True – Cesar DeLeon

Page 10: Artwork by Justice Spence

Page 12: Member Verification Form

Page 13: Artwork by Tom Orton

Page 14: Artwork by Justice Spence

Page 15: From The Free Virgina Movement Collective

Page 16: Labor Issues – Timothy Johnson Our Own Worst Enemy – Anonymous Prisoner in Texas

Page 17: Sales Tax Problem – Timothy Johnson Artwork by James Shelby

Page 18: Essay – Lemable Mckissick

Page 20: Attn Mailroom: a Note on Free Speech

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