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Apr 25, 19

InfoWars Goes GaGa Over White Nationalist “Clown World” Stunt in Protest of a Drag Event

Earlier this week in New Orleans, a pair of activists associated with the far-right American Identity Movement (which recently formed after the chat servers of Identity Evropa got leaked by Unicorn Riot) interrupted a “Drag Queen Story Hour” at a local library. In a video tweeted by AIM on Monday, the two are seen donning clown outfits as they prance into the library honking their horns; they soon unveil a rainbow banner reading “Drag Queen Story Hour | Adult Entertainment For Kids! | Welcome To Clown World | Honk Honk” before being sent outside.

AIM has uploaded this video to various social media platforms over the past couple days, and claims that the purpose of the action was to “draw attention to the absurdity of such events [drag storytime shindigs], which are sadly becoming increasingly common across the country.”

This stunt received various messages of praise from the group’s followers, with YouTube user Taylor Garza commenting “The natural reaction to having trannies ‘reading’ stories to school children would be to violently lash out at them, which would cause a whole host of legal problems and media condemnation…Dressing up as clowns to emphasize the insanity of our society with comedic irony is a brilliant method of delegitimizing the degenerate LBGT [sic] narrative, and it’s far more effective than physically intimidating our enemy.”

On Wednesday, AIM President Patrick Casey went on InfoWars to discuss this action, where he called it “basically our [AIM’s] biggest action to date.”

“Drag Queen Story Hour is just so absurd that we thought that going in there and trying to outdo them in terms of absurdity was a good way to draw attention to just how ridiculous it was,” Casey said. “Most people right of center kind of understand that a man who wants to dress up as a woman, kind of in an oversexualized way, might not be totally right in the head…but in the past, people like that understand they need to keep that stuff to themselves…but now, what’s happened is that deviancy has been weaponized by the Left, and it’s being shoved in our faces.”

Huh. For a group that seems to want to hide from their fascist reputation with insistences that they aren’t advocates of supremacism, it seems odd that ‘deviance is being weaponized against us by Leftists’ didn’t seem like it was too explicitly-Nazistic of a theory.

At any rate, this fearmongering display of bigotry makes it clear that gender-expansive folks, as well as the queer community in general, will be major targets of AIM as they grow – so let’s be sure to shatter these clowns ASAP.

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