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Aug 5, 15

Insane Pictures of Police and Kids at National Night Out

Originally posted to It’s Going Down 

Several days ago, Conflict MN reported on the ‘National Night Out’ events taking place across the US. While seemingly positive, community-based block parties aimed at bringing neighbors together, the article argued that the events have a very specific agenda. They reason that the events are organized as a means to build credibility (and also recruit) on the streets for law-enforcement, especially now at a time when public distrust of the police is at an all time low.

This push towards ‘community policing,’ was first used by law enforcement agencies in the wake of the numerous uprisings that took place in inner cities in the 60s and 70s. This style of law enforcement, which worked to integrate police in various American neighborhoods, was coupled with more aggressive tactics such as SWAT raids, ‘broken-windows‘ no tolerance theory, the War on Drugs, and the massive growth of the prison-industrial-complex.

This coming together of much more militarized police departments along-side ‘community policing,’ came to be called ‘Counter-Insurgency,’ and was influenced heavily by US military engagements in the Middle-East and beyond (as was military by mainland police operations).

Here’s a collection of photos from @newyorkyearzero and others following #NNO. First up is from Salinas, California, a town where over the past few years, local police have shot numerous people of color dead, gotten counter-insurgency training from the military, and have recently been filmed beating a man senseless in the street.

Kids play with police robots.

More pig than dog, Scruff McGruff takes a ride in your neighborhood, friendly tank.

This one comes from Cincinnati Police, who currently are facing murder charges after one officer shot and killed Sam Dubose at a traffic stop and then attempted to cover it up with the aid of other officers.

Bloomington, Indiana police help kids try on SWAT gear. SWAT teams grew out of police raids on Black Panther Party headquarters across the US in the late 60s.

Come get finger printed!

Checking out a tactical vehicle in Ashville, North Carolina. Local police departments are awash in military grade equipment as budges get larger and they are able to buy gear from the military. This ‘militarization’ is happening across the US and grew more controversial in the wake of the Ferguson Uprising in 2014. Police gather once a year to buy such militarized weapons and vehicles at the ‘Urban Shield’ conference, and practice in counter-insurgency operations. American police also get training from Israeli forces (who in turn receive US aid in the billions), on how to better suppress their populations.

The FBI was also at many events. The FBI was formed to track, surveil, and monitor anarchists and other revolutionaries, immigrant workers and the labor movement, and in the 1960s, the Civil-Rights movement, the Black Power and other liberation struggles, and the movement to end the Vietnam war. During COINTELPRO, a government program that sought to disrupt and destroy movements for radical social change, the FBI killed militants, threw people in jail on false charges, and broke apart organizations.

Police violence in American is skyrocketing as this civilization continues to break down and pushes people closer to revolt. Check the website which is sadly updated daily.

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