International Coverage


2017: New Year’s Revolutions

A compilation documentary of some of the fiercest anarchist and anti-capitalist riots in 2017 as caught on film.

Sydney: Solidarity with all J20 Defendants

Following message of solidarity was sent from antifascists in Sydney, Australia:  Solidarity from antifascists in Sydney with all comrades facing repression for the J20 inauguration protests in Washington DC.

Requesting Funds for an Arrestee in Athens, Greece from the 6th of December

For almost 10 years the 6th of December has marked the day a 15 year old boy named Alexis Grigoropoulos was murdered by police in the Exarchia neighborhood of Athens, Greece. His murder was...

War Against Anarchists in Brazil

On the 25th of October, 2017, several anarchists' homes and social spaces were raided by the police in Porto Alegre, on the territories occupied by the Brazilian State. Computers, banners, books and bottles were...

Inspired by US, Prison Strike Sweeps Across Brazil

This November, prisoners across 14 states in Brazil went on a six-day hunger strike against abusive and unsanitary conditions, inspired by the USA-wide prison strike on September 9th 2016. The action took place in...

Police Raids and Solidarity Actions across Germany as Greece Remembers Alexis

From Crimethinc and Enough is Enough Police raided more than 20 apartments, collectives, and projects around Germany in the early hours of December 5 in a new wave of repression following their unsuccessful attempts to...

Final Straw: A Refugee on Manus Island & 2018 Certain Days Calendar

Listen and Download Here Walid, an asylum seeker held at the Manus Regional Process Center, Papua New Guinea First up, you’ll hear a conversation that Bursts had with a refugee seeking asylum in Australia. His name...

Autonomous Antifa: From the Autonomen to Post-Antifa in Germany

An Interview with Bender, a German Comrade  by Paul O’Banion Bender has been involved in the autonomous movement in Germany since the 1980s, and talks here about his experiences and observations from thirty years of organizing....

Santiago Maldonado Presente: Video Commemorating Action and Rage

Video compilation of recent graffiti and riots in Argentina to commemorate Santiago Maldonado, an anarchist comrade who was recently kidnapped and murdered by the Argentine military police.

Bulletproof Democracy in Rojava

It has now been a little over two months since the reconquest of Mosul by the Iraqi Armed Forces, and the region’s necessary reconstruction looks bound to be hampered by religious and ethnic strife....