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May 13

This communique comes from anarchists in Mexico City; a humble gesture of solidarity with comrades facing state repression throughout the world.


From Mexico City, we send our solidarity and love to the comrades who took the streets on May 1st, and to the many who were kidnapped by the state as a result. Repression is the state’s reaction to a gnawing fear: a fear of the power of revolt, of the autonomous organization of the people, of the brewing revolution.

We stand in solidarity with the 300+ compañerxs detained in Paris, France; the 600+ compañerxs detained in Bandung, Indonesia; and the 12 anarchists being processed in Brussels, Belgium; for taking their revolutionary rage to the streets in the face of stiff state repression. We stand in solidarity with all the social fighters that remain behind bars or are being persecuted by the state for their commitment to the destruction of domination and oppression in its various forms.

Solidarity has no borders. You all are not alone. From our geography here in Mexico City, together with you all, we commit to continue the struggle against states and capitalism.

Burn the prisons! Fuck the police! Free Miguel Peralta!


Desde la Ciudad de México, enviamos nuestra solidaridad y amor a lxs compañerxs que salieron a las calles el 1 de mayo y a lxs muchxs secuestradxs por el Estado como resultado de ello. La represión es la reacción del Estado a un miedo que roe; un miedo al poder de la revuelta, a la organización autónoma de las personas, a la revolución que se está gestando.

Nos solidarizamos con las más de 300 compañerxs detenidas en París, Francia; lxs más de 600 compañerxs detenidas en Bandung, Indonesia y; lxs 12 procesadxs en Bruselas, Bélgica; por llevar su rabia revolucionaria a las calles ante la dura represión estatal y carcelaria. Nos solidarizamos con todxs lxs que permanecen entre rejas o son perseguidxs por su compromiso con la destrucción de la dominación y la opresión en sus diversas formas.

La solidaridad no tiene fronteras. Ustedes no están solxs. Desde nuestra geografía, junto a ustedes, continuamos la lucha contra los estados y el capitalismo.

¡Fuego a las cárceles! ¡A la mierda la policía! ¡Miguel Peralta libre!

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Voices in Movement

Voices in Movement publishes translations and analysis – both contemporary and historical – to share strategy, solidarity and histories of resistance across imaginary divisions of nations and borders, drawing insight from struggles of below and to the left, where the heart is. They also author Revuelta Comunitaria, a semi-regular column on It's Going Down addressing social struggles and political repression in the territory of so-called Mexico.

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