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Feb 7, 19

Introducing, “Battle Rap Against Oblivion” From Sole’s New Album, Destituent

It’s Going Down is excited to team up with hip-hop artist Sole, who’s music is featured at the start of our podcast, to showcase his brand new video, “Battle Rap Against Oblivon,” from the new album, Destituent.

Destituent is sole’s new album that drops on 2/22, its an album exploring the tension between urban and rural life, and what it means to live and fight in the 21st century.  The songs on this record were half written in downtown Denver, and half written in a mid-coastal Maine farmhouse where sole recently relocated to. The album title Destituent, is basically about dual power and pointing to specific anti-authoritarian practices to prefigure our liberation. The theory of Destitute power, originally conceived by Georgio Agamben points to building our own capacity for thriving outside of the state and capitalism while making it impossible for oppressive institutions to function, essentially by starving them.

The prose found within Destitute explores modernity, fatherhood, food autonomy, resistance, and his ideas for how to meet the crisis of the present head on.  Unlike sole’s recent collaborations with DJ Pain 1, the music on this record is entirely produced by sole. The distorted, noisey beats and the not-giving-a-fuck-about-song-structure approach on Destituent  has more in common with post-punk/new wave then modern rap and points back to sole’s earlier more stream-of-conciousness approach to song-writing.   It is available for pre-order on vinyl/zine/cd/digital here.

This video for Battle Rap Against Oblivion is edited by anarchist rap comrade KidDead.  Its filmed as a rap video/ short dystopian horror film.  It depicts sole trying to make sense of it all after state power collapses and finally making his way to link up with comrades on their land to dig in for the long haul.  The moral of the story…?  Don’t get caught slipping.

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