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Aug 2, 17

Introducing New Podcast, Radical Underground

Check out this brand new podcast, Radical Underground, which has already put out 4 episodes. They are based out of Brooklyn and Jakarta, Indonesia. They cover both radical theory and current events as well as music. 

#1 Rap and Revolution

This is the first episode of a new podcast about underground music and radical politics around the world. On this episode we focus on hip-hop, connecting new music from the united snakes, greece, morocco and chile to people fighting back against state repression in the streets.

#2 G20

In our second episode of Radical Underground, we cover a lot of topics, starting with the recent massive black bloc at the G20 conference in Hamburg. We also talk about the political situation in Indonesia and clashes between protesters and the Klan in Charlottesville and the Proud Boys in New Haven. Music for this episode ranges from antifa polka to metalcore to hip-hop from Nashville, Germany, Houston, and Queensbridge.

#3 Which Side Are You On?

On episode three of Radical Underground, we talk about the bluegrass black metal album Kentucky by Panopticon and the documentary Harlan County, USA. Both the album and documentary are based on the militant history of coal miners going on strike in Harlan County, Kentucky. We also discuss Redneck Revolt and how outlaw country relates to illegalism. And we feature a track from Sing Me Home: Songs Against Prison, a new country/folk compilation that benefits long-term anarchist prisoners.


In the fourth episode of Radical Underground, we talk about police violence in Merced, California, a protest by ojek drivers in Jakarta, and rioting in North London. We also talk about one of our favorite anarchist theorists, Malatesta, and discuss two of his essays. Music for this episode includes punk classics by Black Flag and Conflict, We also play some new rap by Skalpel and DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta). Remember, All Cats Are Beautiful!

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