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May 4, 18

Introducing Sunshine State Anarchy, Issue #1

Introducing a new anarchist publication from so-called Florida, Sunshine State Anarchy.

Our first issue is finally done and ready for your reading enjoyment! Included are 13 articles by 3 different authors, covering Florida politics, leftist actions and meetings in Florida, as well as opinions and essays. We hope you enjoy our first installment!

Issue #1 – Spring 2018 (for reading)
Issue #1 – Spring 2018 (for booklet printing)

This publication is not copyrighted or exclusive, feel free to print it, distribute it, copy it, or throw it in the trash if you’d like! We request that you credit us (or the independent author) if you post any of these articles on your website. The printing version is optimized for tabloid sized paper.

ALSO! We plan on releasing a special report on May Day actions in Florida, so please any pictures, stories, or articles of any length for that! We hope to publish the May Day Edition by the end of May. In addition, our second issue is scheduled to be released on August 1st, and we will be accepting submissions up until July 22nd.

Thank you all for your support! If you have any comments or responses that you’d like published in our next issue, feel free to email us at [email protected] or message us at @ssanarchy on Twitter.

About Us:

Sunshine State Anarchy is a quarterly anarchist publication headquartered in South Florida. Our goal is to promote involvement in anarchist causes here in Florida, as well as serve as a gathering point for anarchists in Florida to exchange information and publicize their events.

We publish essays and analyses of local politics and events, as well as reports from demonstrations and actions here in the state, and we aim to have a list of upcoming anti-authoritarian and anti-racist actions happening in the state that need exposure.

If you have anything you’d like to submit or just want to get in contact with us, our email is [email protected], and our twitter is @ssanarchy.

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