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Nov 1, 19

Invasion: New Documentary About Unist’ot’en

New short film on the ongoing struggle of the Unisto’ot’en Camp of the Wet’suwet’en Nation to reoccupy their lands and stop pipeline construction.

In this era of “reconciliation,” Indigenous land is still being taken at gunpoint. INVASION is a new film about the Unist’ot’en Camp, Gidimt’en checkpoint and the larger Wet’suwet’en Nation standing up to the Canadian government and corporations who continue colonial violence against Indigenous people.

**Full Length Film coming in 2020**

The Unist’ot’en Camp has been a beacon of resistance for nearly 10 years. It is a healing space for Indigenous people and settlers alike, and an active example of decolonization. The violence, environmental destruction, and disregard for human rights following TC Energy (formerly TransCanada) / Coastal GasLink’s interim injunction has been devastating to bear, but this fight is far from over.

Organize a community screening of this film!

Simply download the film here (1.3GB), make a Facebook event using this graphic, and download and print the poster designed by Gord Hill and plaster around your town.

English Subtitles | Spanish Subtitles 

You can pass the hat for donations to send to the camp and hold a discussion about how people can help further Indigenous movements for self-determination. If you plan to fundraise at your screening please use the fundraising guide and let us know about your event so we can help promote it!

Unist’ot’en continues to need funds to reoccupy their lands and fight in the colonial courts.

To Donate:

We encourage discussion after the film to encourage ongoing organizing efforts to support the Wet’suwet’en. Below are some sample questions you can use to get a discussion going:

  1. What is the colonial history of this region? Who occupied these lands before the establishment of the current borders & national government?
  2. What does anti-colonial struggle look like in this area?  Are there any active anti-colonial struggles going on?
  3. What projects are people in this room currently engaged with that could benefit from applying more of an anti-colonial lens?  What would this actually look like in practice… aside from just token acknowledgement?
  4. What are some of the practical things that non-Indigenous activists should know about when working with Indigenous groups, or in Indigenous-led campaigns?
  5. What financial institutions, politicians, or corporations based in your community are supporting the destruction of Wet’suwet’en lands?
  6. What are some ways of demonstrating material support for the Unis’tot’en and Wet’suwet’en? How can you support Wet’suwet’en sovereignty from your stand?

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The camp is located at the shore of the Wedzin Kwah and mouth of the Gosnell Creek. These are all tributary to the the Skeena, Bulkley, and Babine Rivers. The proposed pipelines from Enbridge Northern Gateway and Pacific Trails both seek to cross the rivers at the exact point where the occupation cabin is built on the Unis’tot’en Territory of Talbits Kwah.

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