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Feb 27, 23

It’s Going Down Takes Over “It Could Happen Here”

In case you missed it, It’s Going Down has released a series of shows on the popular podcast It Could Happen Here, part of Cool Zone Media. Here’s a roundup of the five episodes we’ve produced so far:

Episode #1: A General Strike Might Be Closer Than You Think: Pt #1, the Class War Explodes

Calls for a general strike go viral all the time – but what would it take for one to actually get organized? In this two part special, we dive into the history of general strikes in the United States – from the Civil War to modern day. This episode includes an interview with labor historian and author, Robert Ovetz.

Episode #2: A General Strike Might Be Closer Than You Think: Pt #2, The Road Ahead

We continue our look at general strikes throughout history and in the modern period. This episode includes an interview with activist and translator, Scott Campbell about Occupy Oakland and author and journalist, Kim Kelly, about the potential for labor insurgency in 2023.

Episode #3: The New ‘Ugly’ Laws: How People Are Pushing Back On America’s War on the Houseless

In the late 1800s, many big cities used laws against “ugliness” to cleanse the streets of the disabled, the poor, and the homeless. Fast forward to today, and in the middle of a deepening housing crisis and extreme weather, cities are breaking up encampments and passing new laws to target the most vulnerable. On this episode, we speak with former squatters, activists resisting sweeps, and houseless folks facing down eviction – to find out how people are pushing back against displacement.

Episode #4: Stories of Armed Community Defense and Mass Resistance to White Supremacy

From riots against neo-Nazis in the rustbelt, to armed defense of mutual aid programs in post-Katrina New Orleans, to mass mobilizations of tens of thousands against the Alt-Right, on this episode, we look at how, far from being just confined to a small set of antifa-supersoldiers, mass community self-defense is part and parcel to the DNA of grassroots movements for liberation in the so-called US. Includes interviews with community organizer Suncere Ali Shakur and antifascist researcher Spencer Sunshine.

Episode #5: How the Right is Coming for Abortion Pills Next

In this episode, It’s Going Down sits down with both abortion clinic defenders and doulas to find out how people have been organizing over the last year in the wake of the Dobbs decision, while antifascist journalist Vishal Singh and researcher Melissa Fowler from the National Abortion Federation warn that the Right is building a coalition that includes openly fascist and white supremacist groups – as Christian Nationalists set their sights on blocking access to abortion pills.

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photo: via Flickr Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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