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Jul 31, 18

It’s Time to Hit the Streets: Materials for #AllOutAugust

The following is a collection of posters for printing and materials for sharing over social media for upcoming mass antifascist mobilizations in Portland, Berkeley, and Washington DC.

Over the past month, a groundswell of radical energy erupted out of Occupy ICE camps, in protests inside detention facilities and prisons, and in acts of self-defense against fascist mobs. This excitement unfolds against a backdrop of tragedy: hundreds of children remain separated from now-deported parents, Nia Wilson was just stabbed to death on the train in Oakland, and racist police murders led to confrontations in Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Toledo. And in the background, instability grows at the pinnacle of the American power structure, as a deliriously reactionary wing of capitalism hopes to stave off economic crisis with “America first” production, deportations, and sheer spectacle.

Fascists are Defending the Rich: Let’s Sweep Them Out of the Way

Fascists also understand the potential in this moment.  After the horrors in Charlottesville last year, they scattered and hid, but now they see a new opening as foot soldiers for family separation, attacking dissidents and for defending Trump and capitalism. Patriot Prayer viciously attacked counter-demonstrators on June 30 in Portland, while Proud Boys attempted to troll Nia Wilson’s memorial demonstration until they were run off by a steadfast crowd.

Just this week, fascists attacked the Occupy ICE camp in San Antonio. At the convergence of all these struggles, we now have the opportunity and obligation to crush the fascists so we can get on to fighting for the better world we need. Patriot Prayer has called for a caravan to invade Portland once again on August 4th, and then travel down to Berkeley on August 5th.  They are building up for a parallel set of demonstrations called by their compatriots on the east coast, billed as Unite the Right 2 – a horrifying sequel to last year, now spread between Charlottesville and Washington DC on August 12th.

Resistance to these provocations has already achieved a massive level, which is what led organizers across the country to call for All Out August. On the heels of all our mobilization this summer, we have the chance to stop the hate right now, before it can reassert itself. We have the energy, we have a beautiful vision for revolution, and we have the the numbers – if they can mobilize hundreds, we must turn out thousands, to overwhelm them and build safety and power in the streets.

From the Streets to the Cell Blocks

The month of August is also a powerful inspiration. Before #AllOutAugust, there was Black August: thus, we must humbly continue the legacy of Black struggles for liberation over hundreds of years. Before Michael Brown’s murder and the Ferguson uprising in August 2014, George Jackson’s August 1971 assassination in a California prison led to the Attica uprising in New York state, a high point in anti-racist struggles which remains a reference point for the prisoners movement. This movement has now called for a national strike from August 21-September 9, so #AllOutAugust must necessarily mean turning back the fascists and then continuing to hit the streets to support the prisoners fighting inside the carceral core of white supremacy.

To win next month, we need to go all out. The following materials were compiled to ensure we can agitate across the country, doing the work needed to seriously turn out against the fascists and for liberation. Included are materials for multiple social media platforms, but more importantly, there are PDFs for printing the posters we need pasted up on walls everywhere. If you can’t make it to Portland, Berkeley, Charlottesville, or DC, put up solidarity materials where you are, hang banners, and organize noise demonstrations outside of jails and prisons for the 21st! All out, turn out!

PDFs are for printing and JPGs are for digital posting.











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