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Jun 6, 17

Ivy-League Racist Jared Taylor Disguised as Frenchman: Clandestinement dans Charlottesville

Wearing a curly wig and ray-bans and speaking frequently in a fake French accent, buttoned-up Jared Taylor; founder and editor of the white supremacist publication American Renaissance, was a sight to behold in his undercover disguise on Thursday night (June 1st) during a meeting of white supremacists at Miller’s Restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia. Apparently Taylor, a national figure of the “Alt-Right” Movement who usually wears a suit and tie, did not want to be seen mixing with local white supremacist Jason Kessler and his motley crew on Charlottesville’s pedestrian mall.

The Yale graduate and resident of Oakton, Virginia, who prides himself on his fluency in French and Japanese and his knowledge of French wines, is known for keeping his distance from neo-Nazis, skinheads, the KKK and other such lowlifes. But it did not take an Inspector Clouseau to deduce that the Howard Stern look-alike was wearing a wig since it repeatedly slid backwards revealing the cap underneath. He also forgot to remove his watch, which he can be seen wearing in several photos from other occasions. As the night wore on and the alcohol took its effect, Taylor became less careful with his costume and French accent, and upon reviewing video footage of the evening, local activists were able to quickly identify him by his stature, facial features, and voice.

A White Supremacist Salon, Al Fresco

Taylor is a frequent speaker and contributor to Alt-Right publications both nationally and internationally. Therein, he expresses his views that black people are biologically less intelligent than whites and that whites should form a separate homeland. His American Renaissance publication has parroted the views of Charlottesville’s Jason Kessler (a violence-prone white supremacist blogger who styles himself as a “journalist”) regarding the removal of the city’s Confederate monuments, and Kessler has engaged Taylor on Twitter.

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance goes full Kenny G, checking in with local Alt-Right organizers

Taylor’s friend starts to laugh as his wig begins to come off.

With increasingly dramatic gestures, Taylor delivered an obviously well-received master class to his trucker-hat wearing local pupils, who had gathered, as if in a café parisienne, on Charlottesville’s chic outdoor downtown mall. There, Taylor held court for several hours, drinking beer with a fawning Kessler and his star-struck friends while anti-racist activists surrounded them demanding that they leave. Although the disguised Taylor was permitted to remain at the restaurant for several hours, Kessler was quickly ejected from the venue, and the meeting was successfully disrupted early on.

Long, Hot Summer Ahead in Charlottesville

Charlottesville, a so-called bastion of liberalism where long-term African American residents face increasing gentrification, is quickly becoming a center of white supremacist and white nationalist activity as seen in the May 13th torch-bearing rally around the Robert E. Lee statue. The rally was led by Richard Spencer, a graduate of the University of Virginia and founder of the National Policy Institute (NPI), who also led the infamous post-inauguration Nazi-salute press conference.

The North Carolina-based Loyal White Knights of the KKK have applied to hold a 100-person rally at the courthouse beside the Stonewall Jackson monument on July 8th. This will be preceded by a Confederate flag-waving jamboree on July 1th by the Virginia Flaggers, who are known for planting oversized Confederate flags on local highways. On August 12th, Spencer and the torch-lit rally organizers have announced that they will be back for another gathering around the Lee Statue, which they expect will attract some 400 attendees. On Twitter, Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, has also entertained the idea of supporting.

Stay Tuned

Local Charlottesville anti-racist activists are continuing to monitor, protest, and disrupt the threat that these white supremacist activities post to the community.

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