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Oct 23, 17

J20 Defendant—Dane Powell—Is Coming Home. Donate To His Post Release Fund

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We’re so happy to update you on Dane Powell, our comrade in prison. His released date is fast approaching. We want to provide as much post-release support to Dane and his family and loved ones as we possibly can, as they traverse the challenging transition from incarceration to freedom. It’s important to note, too, that he will be under highly-monitored probation restrictions and governed by extensive release conditions that will substantially curtail the exercise of his freedom.

We are so thrilled about his release. It is a day to celebrate, but we must be mindful, too, of the post-release challenges that await Dane, and offer our help, whenever, however, and wherever we can. Rebuilding his life (under probation restrictions and release conditions) is no small thing. Folks who know Dane personally will realize how different the life he will be required to live over the next two years on probation will be from the life he envisioned for himself—in the short term, at least.

Let’s offer whatever financial support we can, if we are able, to assist as Dane celebrates his release and figures out how to enjoy this new version of freedom, together with his family and loved ones.

We are most concerned, obviously, with assisting with his immediate challenges of securing (probation-approved) housing, employment, educational opportunities, reliable transportation, and whatever physical and emotional health and wellness support that he and his family may potentially require through this transition. We must, of course, also bolster Dane’s capacity to provide for his amazing kids.

Dane’s attention, together with the rest of ours, is on his co-defendants, especially those with upcoming trials in November and December of this year, and rightly so. But we must spread the love and resources around, so that everyone at every stage in these criminal proceedings, from arrest through post-release, experiences the loving support of this community. The quality of support Dane receives upon release, after serving four months in federal prison, will send a clear and valuable message to others embroiled in this drama about the love, solidarity, and continuum of care that they, and their loved ones, can anticipate as they stand against state repression.


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The Dead City Legal Posse is a collective of activists and legal support workers in D.C.

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