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Nov 27, 17

To the J20 Defendants, With Love from Southern Oregon

In so-called Southern Oregon, graffiti was done by anarchists in support of our friends and comrades facing charges from Disrupt J20 in DC. It reads “Not One Black Stick, Not one Comrade in Jail Defend the J20” and “From the woods to the streets Solidarity.”

“Not One Black Stick” is an old campaign slogan from the inspiring Earth First! Warner Creek Blockades in 1995 which successfully established an autonomous zone in the Willamette National Forest and ended in victory! Warner Creek was to be a post-fire logging project which “not one black stick” references. Then in the early 2000’s Earth First!ers took to the woods again, this time in the Siskiyou National Forest to defend another post-fire logging project called the Biscuit. This photo, taken on Eight Dollar Bridge over the Illinois Valley was the site of multiple inspiring blockades.

The Green Scare failed and so will this – we have met repression before and we’ll fight it again!

Be brave and stay strong friends, we got yr back here in wild so-called Southern Oregon.

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