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Aug 25, 17

Jena, Germany: Never Forgive — Never Forget: Solidarity with Charlottesville

In consequence of the killing of Heather Heyer during an anti-fascist demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12th, 2017, we decided to gather for a solidarity message to all the anti-fascists in the US and other parts of the world. In memory of Ivan Khutorskoy, Clément Méric, Pavlos Fyssas and Heather Heyer, who were all killed by fascists because of their anti-fascist conviction, we clearly state: We will never forget you and never forgive!

At the same time, we surely don’t forget about all the people who are murdered by police, who passed away while crossing borders, who’re shot by military or exploited to death by bosses or corporations. Standing in the town, where the racist murdering squad, self-proclaimed “NSU” came from, that was supported by the German secret service, as shown by many investigations and parliamentarian hearings, we will never rely on the state when it comes to fighting fascists.

Not too far away from here, in Dessau, racist policemen burned Oury Jalloh to death, handcuffed in a prison cell. Since his death on january 7th 2005, the state attorneys and courts have succeeded to protect their own staff from being persecuted and have sabotaged investigations continuously.

We call for self-organization, organized self-defence against fascists and sustainable structures, that will help overtrowing states and any authority!

Anti-fascists from Jena, Germany, August 23rd 2017

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