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Jun 11, 20

June 11th, 2020 Statement from Jeremy Hammond

Revolutionary greetings, it’s Big Jerm. I’m doing this video message to commemorate June 11th, the International Day of Solidarity with Long Term Anarchist Prisoners.

I wanna pay my respects to the comrades, locked down doing hard time and staying strong, and show my appreciation for the ABCs, the books to prisoners, the @CertainDays calendar, those who wrote letters, those who visited, those who attended court dates, I appreciate you.

I also wanna make this video to show some of the artwork I made for the occasion. [Jeremy reaches off camera and comes back with a drawing.] I got the drawing right here, says “June 11 Solidarity”. [As he speaks, he holds the drawing close to the camera.]

[The drawing is incredibly detailed, with a large circle A in the middle surrounded by red flames. Behind the circle A are figured of people holding hands. Around the circle A, text reads “June 11 Solidarity”. Around the outside of the circle A there are many smaller drawings.]

[Some of the smaller drawings include a falling prison guard tower, a red and black flag, a black flag, a burning cop car, people holding a banner that says “International Day of Action! Free the Anarchist Prisoners!”, & so much more. It is obvious a lot of work was put into it.]

I don’t know if you see the details to much, but it’s got the burning cop car, the fallen guard tower – I’ll post it online, you can check it out later. The red ink is made from Kool-Aid, and the pen is stolen from a police officer.

[Jeremy briefly ducks off camera and returns with oragami.] And then, I wanna show you an original oragami model I made for the occasion. [Jeremy holds up an model of a person.] See, it’s a “power to the people” raised fist, the person is wearing a hoodie with a fist in the air.

[Jeremy puts down the oragami model.] And that’s why I made this video, I wanted to share a fist in the air with y’all [Jeremy briefly raises his fist, and when he does, you can see tattoos on his arm] for the struggle.

We can’t be with you in the streets, but we can certainly be connected to each other through the movement. Power to the people!

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Each year, June 11th serves as a day for us to remember our longest imprisoned anarchist comrades through words, actions and ongoing material support.

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