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May 30, 23

June 11th & Long Term Prisoner Support

Long-running anarchist radio and podcast The Final Straw presents a statement from Mark “Mustafa” Hinkston, a look at the upcoming June 11th day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners, and a discussion on continuing solidarity with prisoners arrested following the George Floyd uprising.

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First up, after some announcements concerning a local case of police brutality and jail issues in Buncombe County, NC, we’ll hear a statement from Mark “Mustafa” Hinkston, a politicized prisoner we first heard from some years back, who is being held in Ohio about the cruelty of his keeping. His letter can be found below.

Then, we’ll hear a reading out of Against Oblivion, Against Despair: A Call for June 11th , an invitation to the 2023 celebration of the June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners. More on that, including translations of the statement, statements by prisoners, artwork, action reports, can be found at

Finally, we’ll hear a chat with Chazz, an anarchist participating in continued support of prisoners from the George Floyd Uprising. You can find more on some of these prisoners at UprisingSupport.Org, and info for other political prisoners at PrisonerSolidarity.Com.

Hear our past shows on anti-repression or June 11th more specifically, check out . We’d also like to suggest recent episodes of Channel Zero Network member shows It’s Going Down podcast entitled ‘“States of Incarceration”: Abolition, Revolt, and Organization’ and Coffee With Comrade’s episode, “June 11th.

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