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Jun 18, 19

June 28th: Call to Defend Seattle Trans Pride from Proud Boys

Call to defend the Seattle Trans Pride Parade from Proud Boys and other far-Right racist and anti-trans pro-Trump gangs looking to attack members of the public.

On Friday, June 28th at 6pm the Seattle Trans Pride Parade will march from Broadway and Thomas to Cal Anderson for a rally and celebration of the Trans community’s beauty, strength, and resilience. The violently transphobic Proud Boys, far-right livestreamers Operation Cold Front, and their various friends have announced that they will rally at City Hall Park and march at the same exact time to Capitol Hill. This intrusion calls for direct action: collective community self-defense.

This is a call to defend Trans Pride from those who wish to harass and intimidate. We do not seek confrontation and we do not relish violence. However, we recognize that the Alt-Right and their police protectors have proven to be extremely violent again and again, especially towards the Trans community. If they show up, the goal is to keep them as far away as possible from the march and celebration so it can continue in peace. Please think ahead, consider the likely risks, and be prepared to take care of yourselves and others.

If potential physical confrontation sounds like too much, there are many other ways to participate in the community defense of Trans Pride. Offer to accompany vulnerable friends to public transit after the event and offer to wait with them. Or ask one of the many organizations working to make Trans Pride happen how you can help. And definitely show up with friends and family! The more of us celebrating in love and respect, the safer everyone will be. This is a joyous occasion about survival, freedom, and hope! Trans folks deserve to be safe at Trans Pride. Our strength is in our numbers. Help us defend our community.

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