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Jun 27, 16

June 29-July 6, Earth First! Round River Rendezvous

From Fen Valley Earth First!

It’s official y’all – we’re ONE DAY away from rrr 2016!! We can’t wait to see you!


1. The location and directions are up!

2. Here’s a list of suggested things to bring.

3. PLEASE – seriously plz don’t bring your dogs. Even if you think it will only be you bringing yours.. everyone thinks that. please leave your canine loved ones at home.

4. We’ve had a ride board up for a while but again here’s a link.  Actually, as of Thursday night we’re using another, simpler rideshare forum hosted on the MICATS website.  Unlike the other one it doesn’t require you to set up an account.  Post your ride needs and offers here

5. The site is a bit sandy so it might be good to bring cardboard or carpet

6. Gas near the site is way more expensive than it should be. It’s much cheaper in the city of Muskegon which you’ll pass through on the way there.

7. Bring inflatable tubes for floating down the river

8. And bug spray.

9. A note about food: Seeds of Peace will be cooking breakfast and dinner each day for the camp. Sometimes they have a lot of extra food for lunches, but we can only promise breakfast and dinner. They make really lovely simple usually vegetarian meals that often feature stews, oats, beans, rice, and lentils. please bring your own lunch, and snacks. We will try to be accommodating to different diets, but if you know you need meat, chocolate, cheese, kraut or other specific things at every meal please make sure you bring those.There are also a couple of grocery stores relatively close to the site (within a 20 minute drive) if you run out of food or wanted to pick up stuff once you get here.


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