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Aug 30, 18

Justice For Andres: Abuse, Mistreatment, and Retaliation by ICE

Details abuse and mistreatment as experienced by people in Texas at the hands of ICE. Documented by comrades involved in Abolish ICE San Antonio.

About two weeks ago, Andres Mancilla was deported without warning. Andres, a permanent resident, was detained by ICE about a year ago and subject to horrific mistreatment and neglect. His fiance, Margarita (aka Margaret), dropped everything to follow Andres as he was moved throughout the immigration prison system. This brought both of them to San Antonio, where Margaret came into contact with local activists. Together, they followed Andres to the processing facility at 3523 Crosspoint Drive, from where he was then sent by bus to be held at the Pearsall Detention Facility. It is because of Andres and Margaret that we even know of the Crosspoint facility’s existence. Andres’ story and Margaret’s energy helped lay the foundation for Camp Cicada.

Andres’ deportation came three days after ICE kidnapped our friend, Mapache. Due to the timing of the deportation and the actions ICE took, we understand this as a politically motivated act of retaliation against Andres and Margaret for their affiliation with the camp. The deportation order came right after a group of supporters had gone to support Andres in his court hearing and finished visitation. Andres was not given a chance to talk to his lawyer or even fill out the proper paperwork. As we scrambled to find lawyers to help us stop his deportation, we were unable to find Andres in the ICE detainee lookup even when we used his A number. One lawyer told us that he received confirmation that Andres was in the GEO detention facility downtown, but when we called they denied having him. They did the exact same thing when we tried to find Mapache as he was being held in Pearsall–they were trying to make Andres disappear! We were told by a lawyer that Andres would have about 30 days to appeal his deportation, and one lawyer planned on visiting Andres the next day. However, later that evening we received word that Andres had already been deported. Margarita took off after him.

Andres and Margarita are currently trying to rebuild their life together and heal from the trauma inflicted on them. Although his deportation was politically motivated and as violent as Mapache’s kidnapping, his story has not received the same degree of attention or sympathy. Perhaps it’s because it is easier to sympathize with a young, baby-faced activist than an adult man. Or perhaps because while Mapache’s story is exceptional and in many ways unprecedented, Andres’ is far too normal–and therefore, easier to ignore. Whatever the case, it is important to put Andres’ story out there and support him, just as we must support and highlight the stories of all victims of ICE!

Below is Andres’ account of his deportation and physical assault by ice, followed by a background of the repeated systemic abuse Andres has suffered as paraphrased from his fiance, the lovely activist Margarita.


I don’t know what the Ice agents who received us at the border had in mind but they asked everyone else to get off the Van except for me. I was afraid of being kidnapped and asked them why several times, but was ignored. My survival instinct said, “get off!” I made my way behind the last guy and they tried shoving me back inside the Van as I was making my way out and slamming the door on my face. There was no reason for me to stay locked up in the Van. I had reached my destination and was done, that’s it! But obviously it wasn’t enough.  They had to harrass me some more, one last time to show me who was boss.

The 2 Ice agents who refused to give their names, grabbed me and wrestled me down and threatened to mace me in the face if I didn’t comply and let them place me in handcuffs. I gave in to their demands before they hurt me any worse. After awhile they finally picked me up and walked me all the way to the middle of the bridge(the border). I doubt they had any good intentions towards me or going to set me free for that matter. Glad to be alive, eager to be re-united with my loved ones. I can now continue my marriage plans with my fiance, Margaret. It will take some time for the wounds to heal even though it’s such a deep cut from this horrific display of hatred by the Trump administration towards our people.

I will continue to fight for our freedom no matter what. Many people are having their rights violated and then topped with verbal and physical abuse. We were mistreated and used for slave labor while they are making millions. Lots of good jobs with benefits are being taken away from the American people. While they feed you the story that we take your jobs, they are incarcerating innocent families, making them work for free in every type of detention facility across the nation and making millions over millions laughing all the way to the bank, while you pay with your tax money for the service.

America can be great but we as a people have to be united. The government’s of the world teach us that color is important or that we belong here or there because of our color but its to keep us confused, set apart and enslaved. We are all ONE RACE! Why should a man have authority over another man? We are people and should be treated with dignity and respect, just like you want to be treated. May you all be blessed with the mighty hand of GOD! Amen

Andres Mancilla


Andres Mancilla, previously a permanent resident of the US, has recently been deported by ICE following physical assault. Andres has suffered abuse throughout his lifetime. When we was 15, he was a victim of aggravated assault. Years later, his father was murdered at his jewelry store. Andres was deported the first time in 1998. He came back to the States because his life was in danger.

In July 2016 he was involved in a fender bender and altercation where a police report was filed. A year later he was stopped and found to have a warrant from that past incident. The Carrollton police brutalized him, breaking the car window and dragging his body from the shattered glass. He was then slammed to the ground, bruised, attacked and injured on his knees, face, and back. He was taken to the jail then to the hospital, but no officer received him at the hospital so he went home. 3 days later Carrollton Police issued a warrant for resisting and failure to transport.

Andres’ attorney suggested he turn himself in to Mesquite Jail.

This is when the real nightmare began.

Andres refused  to sign a paper stating he was crazy so he was sent to Dallas County, where he was stripped and left in a holding cell naked for an entire day. Andres’ attorney pleaded Andres guilty to transfer him back to San Antonio. A newly hired attorney only showed up to court once without answer or refund.

The new court appointed attorney never communicated with or visited Andres to be ready for trial, and the jury found him guilty for Bodily Assault even though Andres was assaulted by the man, an MMA fighter with previous  assaults, in that altercation with the cars. However, because Andres was not a US Citizen, all odds were against him.

After finishing his sentencing and serving  the time. ICE came to pick him up and turn him in to US MARSHALS  to be charged with illegal re- entry. Andres was at the GEO detention Center  since 11-22-2017. There he was placed in Solitary Confinement for 28 days, only for them to overturn it afterwards.  But, he had already served the time. His public defender did not diligently represent him, and did not return calls from Andres’ fiance or visit Andres.

In February, while in custody of the GEO Detention Center, he suffered an injury. A big open wound right below his right knee. He requested medical treatment but had been denied for over 5 months. In July, that wound had closed with a scar that still hurt, and was possibly infected. He can’t stand on his legs now because they both hurt.  Andres had metal in his body due to a motorcycle injury.  He hasn’t got his back, left arm, knees, and neck injuries  treated.  Since he has been in custody for almost a year. From there, he was moved to the Crosspoint facility and then to the Pearsall Detention Center. He was deported on August 6th, 2018.

He has been denied medical care. Andres has been robed, abused, misguided, wrongly convicted.

No one is ilegal, and no one should be made to suffer because they don’t have legally recognized “citizenship” on stolen land. We support Andres, as well as all those facing the cruelty of the deportation machine.

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