Kansas City IWW Documents Police Brutality


The Kansas City IWW is looking for information about an incident of police brutality. In this video, a woman is assaulted by officers who have no respect for human dignity. If you know who the woman is, please contact them at greaterkciww@gmail.com

More Info from KC IWW:

The video of cops beating a woman in Kansas City which was featured on SubMedia is just one example of many instances of police violence in Kansas City. If you have video or audio of police violence, we can put your video online anonymously for you. Also, even if you don’t have video, but you want to give your account of police violence in Kansas City, please contact us at greaterkciww@gmail.com with the subject line [KC POLICE VIOLENCE].

The SubMedia coverage of this particular incident is located here. Please let us know if you know who these cops are or who the victim is or if you have any other information about this incident.

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