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Dec 10, 16

Kinetik Justice of Free Alabama Movement Brutally Attacked; Call in to Relocate Him

Submitted to It’s Going Down 

Last Friday December 2, 2016 Free Alabama Movement Robert Earl Council “Kinetik Justice” was brutally attacked, while handcuffed, by two officers, Dozier and Shoulders at Limestone Correctional Facility while being escorted to the shower. He was pushed to the floor by one officer and was physically attacked while handcuffed on the floor. Afterwards the second officer pulled the first officer off and sprayed Kinetik Justice with mace and returned to his cell. It is not known as of this date if medical treatment was administered for his injuries.

A use of force is excessive and violates the Eighth Amendment when it is not applied in an effort to maintain or restore discipline but is used to maliciously and sadistically cause harm. Where a prison official is responsible for unnecessary abuses and harm.

Kinetik has expressed to us that he wants the wider movement to know that his life is in danger and calls upon all us to make some noise for him. We must demand that he be relocated due to his continued fear for his life, safety, and repeated harm inflicted by guards.

Here is a script for call ins:

“I am calling to demand that you release Robert Early Council from solitary confinement and move him out of Limestone Correctional Facility immediately. He was brutally beaten on December 2nd and continues to fear for his life.”

Limestone Correctional Facility
28779 Nick Davis Road
Harvest, AL 35749
(256) 233-4600
Warden Christopher Gordy

Jefferson Dunn

Associate Commissioner
Grant Culliver

Alabama Department of Corrections
301 South Ripley Street
P.O. Box 301501
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-1501
[email protected]
(334) 353-3883

Governor Robert Bentley
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36130
(334) 242-7100

Department of Justice
(205) 244-2001
[email protected]

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