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June 14

Kite Line: Summer of Kites

Long running anti-prison radio show, Kite Line, returns with a new episode.

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This week’s episode is packed with news of struggles and repression. We start with coverage of Indiana prisons and two prisoners who need outside support right now. More information on these requests for help from Indiana prisoners can be found on our website, https://kitelineradio.noblogs.org/

Then we get updates and two statements from prisoners in Florida continuing to organize within the framework of Operation PUSH. These reflections are particularly vital as both prisoners and people on the outside gear up for the national prison strike this August.

Last we share an update from one of Marius Mason’s supporters. A lot is changing in Marius’s life, not to mention the fact that people around the world are celebrating June 11 this week, an international day of solidarity with Marius and other long-term anarchist prisoners. We will begin carrying news of solidarity events and actions in next week’s episode but you can check out june11.org to learn about what’s going on.

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Kite Line

Kite Line is a radio program devoted to prison issues around the Midwest and beyond. Behind the prison walls, a message is called a kite: whispered words, a note passed hand to hand, or a request submitted to the guards for medical care. Illicit or not, sending a kite means trusting that other people will bear it farther along till it reaches its destination. On the show, we hope to pass along words across the prison walls.

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