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Jan 3, 21

Los Angeles, CA: Report Back from New Year’s Eve Noise Demo

Anarchists in so-called Los Angeles, California report back on recent New Year’s Eve noise demo.

At 10pm on New Year’s Eve 2020 a black bloc of approximately 50 activists gathered at a dark corner in downtown Los Angeles. Just before 10:45pm a piñata of a pig in a police uniform was hoisted onto a nearby tree. It was a collective decision to let the youth do the honors, and thus the piñata was destroyed spilling candy and small pig squeakers onto the ground.

After this and with a growing police presence, it was decided to leave a little before the scheduled 11pm departure. After marching the bloc arrived at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility not long after. The sheriffs department set up what we know as the slinky barricade with a large number of deputies behind it.

The Bloc continued to march around the surrounding area making noise and “smacking everything up” as the Police scanners would say. The Bloc then set up across the street from the sheriffs at around 11:50pm and waited for midnight. At midnight the sheriffs retreated and multiple fireworks and other devices where set off and thrown. Right after unlawful assembly was declared and the bloc marched back to the starting location and dispersed. No arrests or injuries.

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