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A few nights ago we smashed out the windows and doors of Wells Fargo in Lacey. Wells Fargo funds the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as GEO Group, the private prison company that runs the Northwest Immigration Detention Center and many other private detention centers. Wells Fargo profits off of the destruction of the earth, the incarceration of migrants, and the ongoing land theft of native lands. Multiple cities and schools are divesting funds from Wells Fargo, individuals are closing their own accounts, and anarchists are attacking their banks and ATMs. Join the movement and smash a Wells Fargo near you; all it takes is a few seconds and a few rocks.

Solidarity with water defenders at Standing Rock and everywhere. Solidarity with grand jury resisters at Standing Rock and everywhere. Solidarity with all migrants, refugees, and prisoners. We won’t stop until there are no more borders, no more prisons, and no more pipelines.

-some anarchists

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