Lafayette, IN: #PrisonStrike Banner Dropped Across from Court House


The following photo and report back was anonymously sent to It’s Going Down.

Yesterday morning, anarchists in Lafayette, IN, dropped a banner across the street from the courthouse. The placement of the banner-drop along a gate of a local favorite bar is significant because the banner faced the entrance pigs use when forcibly and humiliatingly transporting incarcerated persons into courthouse for trial and sentencing.

Those anarchists involved would like it to be known that even in Lafayette, IN of all places, there are people on the outside moving through their daily lives in solidarity with those struggling and striking on the inside. They think of you. They grieve. They hope and act with you when possible.

Those anarchists would also like to tell you, the reader, to know that anything can be reused and reshaped with thoughtfulness, planning, and a willingness to act. Though their numbers are few, their actions were made possible with duct tape and a curtain. They encourage you to also act boldly, with friends and comrades you trust when possible in order to dismantle and disrupt the American Plantation.

In love and solidarity forever,
Fire to the Prisons & Fuck the police!!

Your Friendly 765 Anarchists

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