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Dec 25, 21

“Lafkenche Mapuche Resistance” Claims Recent Sabotage Actions in Wallmapu

The following is a communique from the Mapuche organization Lafkenche Mapuche Resistance, claiming recent sabotage actions in Wallmapu in support of Mapuche political prisoners and fallen fighters, including the eight imprisoned in Lebu.

Some general background on the larger Mapuche struggle is here.

We have added some links to explain references as well as translations of Mapuche terms in [brackets].

The Lafkenche Mapuche Resistance (RML) declare the following:

This Friday, December 24, eight brothers of the Elicura Valley will be sentenced. Pu peñi [Our brothers] of struggle and good men who will have to endure the punishment of the racist and oppressive state. Brothers who have had to bear the lies of traitors, prosecutors, and the media who have never investigated the circumstances that today condemn pu peñi, pu lamuen [our sisters].

The government and the clown coordinator of the “macro zone,” Pablo Urquizer, insist in speaking of a cold blooded crime, but they avoid the profundity of the matter that today will condemn our peñi, lamuen of Elicura, to dozens of years in prison. This is a lov that with dignity have confronted hydroelectric projects, recuperated territory, and dignified the Mapuche struggle and Mapuche life in a zone where forestry and tourist capitalism have only brought misery and poverty to Mapuches and poor Chileans.

We know that the state will punish our brothers, humiliate their families, and make the traitors, the Yanakonas, out to be the victims. But the Mapuche people know that Playa Blanca is Mapuche territory, the same for Lake Lanalhue, and that a handful of Yanakonas allied to the winka [white invader] Hector Garcia [a forestry executive] have tried to impose their mean-spirited idea, evading Mapuche legitimacy over these lands.

Facing this judicial and mediatic farce, we rise to the Weichan [fight/struggle], wielding our tralkas [firearms] and our justice brought by fire. Because if there is no Winka justice, there will always be Mapuche justice. Those who today, in the face of our actions, attempt to frame themselves as victims, are the same who have justified territorial dispossession by creating a false narrative, framing themselves as owners of a history that does not belong to them. They are the same ones who endorse the military presence, who insist on treating us as narco-terrorists, who approve of the forest disaster, and who justify the burning of the rukas, and the murder of our kuivikecheyem [ancestors]. Those who have always believed the Mapuche to be submissive and passive people.

Lies. We are wentru and domo weichave [men and women who fight]. We are rebellious people. We are a people who advance toward our liberation, which implies the expulsion of the historical usurpers, the true terrorists, because only in this way will Mapuche life emerge again, close to our veyentun, itrovil mongen [suitable principles of life], rebuilding with a proposal of humanity.

In the face of the discourses of peace that attempt to impose this false democracy, we make it clear that we will not let go of our tralkas. As long as the forestry and aggregate extraction companies continue to devastate our territory, the tourist companies continue profiting from our resources, and the prisons of the south continue to be filled with Mapuches, the weichan will not stop. Neither with [outgoing Chilean president] Piñera nor with [president-elect] Boric.

In the face of this, as RML, we claim the following actions:

  • Wednesday November 24: Burning of four trucks for extracting aggregate material from the Trongol river, and a forestry truck belonging to Bosques Arauco, in the Sector Los Rios, Los Alamos.
  • Thursday December 9: Burning of fifteen forestry machines, in the Coihue-Yeneco Estate of Forestal Arauco. Lebu.
  • Tuesday December 14: Burning of 15 forestry machines in the El Tesero Estate of Forestal Arauco. Curanilahue.
  • Tuesday December 22: Burning of 31 summer cabins in the Sector Lincuyin. Contulmo.

With the forcefulness of our actions, we vindicate our prisoners and our fallen. And with a firm step, we continue advancing toward the liberation of Wallmapu. We know that this journey will continue bringing sacrifice and pain, prison and death. But we will not give up.

Freedom to Matías Leviqueo, Elíseo Reiman, Cesar Millanao, Guillermo Camus, Oscar Pilquiman, Orlando Ancalao, Victor Llanquileo and all of the Mapuche political prisoners and prisoners of the Chilean revolt.

Community territory and autonomy
Lafkenche Mapuche Resistance (RML)
December 22, 2021

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