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Mar 5, 17

Lake Oswego, Oregon Counter-Trump Rally Report Back

Police presence was heavy, Police from Lake Oswego, Canby, Beaverton, Westlinn, Tigard, and other agencies were set up at least an hour prior to the Rally, businesses had visible security hired and posted in front of business’s and in parking lots.

As we arrived there was already a sizable, nearly double counter protest, a bit larger than those that showed up for Trump.

In attendance on the pro-Trump portion there were a lot of 3%’s, at least one neo nazi bonehead shouting racial slurs, one man photographed while giving the nazi salute, and one Klan member confirmed in attendance. There were a few clashes mostly initiated by the pro-Trump attendees, but nothing significant. One counter protester was struck by a car, then subdued by police after getting hit. One woman counter-protester was shouted down and kettled by the Trump supporters. We did not see heavily armed 3%’s but there were a few with side arms present.

The counter rally was able to block the Trump marchers for some time, when there was a standoff at an intersection, shouting was full of lots of build the wall chants from the Trumpies and anti-immigration chants, largely drowned out by the counter protest chants.

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