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May 30, 17

Las Vegas, NV: Tashii Brown-Farmer Demonstration Attacked by Police & MAGA Goon

On May 28th we assembled by the fountain outside the Venetian Hotel & Casino to protest the murder of Tashii Brown-Farmer. Tashii was killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and Venetian security guards. He had approached them for help, and instead was tased seven times, held down and assaulted, before eventually being put in an unauthorized near naked chokehold which inevitably killed him.

We held a rally where we demonstrated with signs, distributed water to attendees and passersby, had speakers, and chanted. The media was in attendance; Fox 5, Channel 8, Channel 3, the LV Sun, the Review Journal, UNLV student journalists, as well as several members of smaller media outlets and citizen’s media outlets. It was reported that no family of Tashii Farmer attended the event, but that’s not the truth.

After the rally wrapped up we trailed into the crosswalk on the strip and locked arms. We remained there for less than five minutes. Beyond that, we let several cars through when they expressed that they were in a hurry. Nearly every motorist I locked eyes with was NOT angry about what we were doing. Many were filming us, lots got out of their cars, and we got a few thumbs up from people.

A shirtless, tattooed, very obviously inebriated white man in a Make America Great Again hat entered the crosswalk during our direct action and was immediately hostile and out of line. He assaulted one of our female demonstrators. He placed her in a chokehold and slammed her into the pavement. Another demonstrator who was awaiting heart surgery, was assaulted along with several other members of our demonstration. This man put his hands on not one, not two, but at least three of our female demonstrators. He would not let go of anyone he got his hands on. Alcohol was thrown in our faces and he screamed over and over about how he didn’t believe anyone he assaulted was female.

During the scuffle I noticed that the assailant had a knife. I alerted people about this and there was a collective effort to resolve the situation immediately. The assailant was taken away by the police but we’re unsure as to whether he was ever brought in or charged with anything. He was seen wandering around after the incident, without cuffs, while all of our demonstrators were restrained.

One of our medics was arrested, followed by some organizers. Most of the population of the protest had dispersed, but there was still a smaller group of us by the fountain afterwards resting, hydrating, making phone calls, and doing interviews with the local media. The police also conducted an interview on site. Long after the action was over, another one of our medics was arrested, along with one demonstrator who had just wrapped up an interview. The media had even made a point to question the police as to why they were arresting people so long after the crimes they allegedly committed.

In total, we had twelve demonstrators detained/arrested/cited. Two of which were street medics. Everyone has since been released.

According to the Washington Post the person who attacked us WAS NOT EVEN ARRESTED OR CITED. He was briefly detained and immediately released. But three protesters defending our people were jailed and charged. An additional 8 were cited with misdemeanor violations and released.

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