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Sep 25, 19

Leaked Chats Reveal Neo-Nazi Group Patriot Front Plans on Flyering Over 100 College Campuses This Weekend

It’s Going Down has received leaked screen shots, an instruction manual, and audio recordings from internal communications of the neo-Nazi group Patriot Front, a rebranded version of Vanguard America who Heather Heyer’s killer, James Alex Fields, marched with in Charlottesville. According to the information received, Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau is pushing his troops to engage in a coordinated flyers and poster campaign at college campuses across the US this weekend. The information also paints a picture of an organization decreasing in size and racked with fears over doxxing and antifascist infiltration, as well as the increasingly neurotic leadership of Rousseau, who forbids people from even hanging out with each other or possessing the phone number of another member.

According to those involved in infiltrating the neo-Nazis online communication platform on the private server RocketChat, Rousseau addresses his followers weekly with a voice chat, much like the similar formation, the American Identity Movement (AmIM), which is simply a rebrand of Identity Evropa. During his weekly address, Thomas discusses Patriot Front members who have been doxxed and explains why this is their own fault. Perhaps fascists should take a cue from the anarchists and realize that their adherence to authoritarian top down leadership and cults of personality is a weakness, not a strength.

Rousseau’s near total control over Patriot Front’s membership, which bars them from hanging out or communicating with each other, has also not helped grow the organizations membership. When the autonomous news outlet Unicorn Riot released Patriot Front’s Discord logs in the fall of 2017, the organization had 140 members – now they are down to 130.

According to the leakers, Patriot Front members also are getting bored and leaving the organization, as it lacks any sort of social cohesion and primarily focuses on putting up flyers and one off unannounced actions recorded primarily for sharing on social media.

Patriot Front Flyering Action

Rousseau is directing Patriot Front to carry out flyering actions on the weekend of Friday, September 27th, 28th, and 29th. Online, Rousseau stated that, “Our goal is to visit 120+ campuses on these days. This coordinated placement will be with the new materials EXCLUSIVELY and you will be able to order and obtain them very soon.”

He went on to write, “Keep these plans restricted in knowledge to those to be present ONLY, and do not discuss them in public channels. Do not tell non-attendees when, or where you will be going to make these placements.” Rousseau also wrote that if Patriot Front members could not put up posters during the stated period, they should attempt to put them up “after, or during the week.” Patriot Front members are also being encouraged not to wear masks while putting up the posters, which is seen as bringing too much attention, but instead wear hats and sunglasses as well as gloves to cover fingerprints.

Patriot Front Security Guide advises members on how to go about engaging in actions. Download guide here.

Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and Alt-Right trolls have engaged in targeted flyers actions like this in the past, often organized over boards like 4chan and 8chan, such as with the “It’s Okay to Be White” and “My Borders, My Choice” campaigns, both of which were countered by antifascists.

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