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Mar 14, 17

Letter from Anarchist Prisoner Fernando Bárcenas about Attempt to transfer him to North Annex

Once again the prison institution tried to deter and dampen my rebellious convictions by arranging my transfer to the Center for the Execution of Penal Sanctions. This was carried out in collusion with the 43rd Criminal Court, which sent the resolution ordering that I could not stay in the North Prison after being sentenced. The previous administration, with director Rafael Oñate Farfán in command, had many motives due to their interests being threatened by the constant agitations and protests inside the prison, however they knew that the place they were sending me to would find constant daily conflict and questioning of the rules, for no matter where they send me there will always be an attempt at insurrection.

This was verified in zone 3 of the entrance module and zones 7 and 5 of ‘segregation and institutional security’ in the C.O.C module.

Whenever I rebelled, they tried to play with me and tried to make me believe they were my friends, until it became decisive for me to let them know my position in view of the circumstances, the aggression against the guards became a necessity to survive here, a constant need to make present the conscious rebellion within these walls.

So after two years of segregation in areas of Institutional Security they presented me with a punishment disguised as a ‘privilege’: my transfer to the Execution of Sanctions Center or North Annex, where prisoners are blackmailed with the promise of freedom in exchange for keeping perfect obedience to the prison regime, which includes obligatory slavery and forced labor, because it cannot be protested, since the domestication process includes brainwashing, making us believe that we are being given an opportunity. It is necessary to feel guilty and repent all the time, being thankful for the mercy of the criminal justice system. And if you do not accept the domestication then you are threatened with being transferred to the High Security Towers or the Penitentiary.

For these reasons, when I arrived and was taken to administration I refused to receive the ‘treatment’, refusing to sign the contract of rights and obligations and also refusing to receive a mattress, clothing and anything else that would commit me to respecting their institution. I do not recognize the prison and I do not want it to continue improving.

These attitudes caused me to be transferred again in the early  hours of the morning and taken to the North Prison, and to my surprise I was not taken to the entrance module as is normal procedure when re-entering, and then be sent to the dormitory area. Instead I was taken directly to Area 7 of Institutional Security, where I have remained in segregation ever since.

Because of all this, I felt the desire to write after reflecting that prisons are actually our daily relationships and that every conflict opens up infinite possibilities to destroy them.

Note: The transfers that compañero Fernando speaks about took place between the afternoon of February 9th and the dawn of February 10th.

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