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Sep 4, 17

Two New Letters from Anarchist Prisoner Fernando Bárcenas

Received and translated on 04.09.17 by Insurrection News:


First of all, this is a clarifying letter. I think for some people it is difficult for them to understand positions, ideas and forms of struggle that violently attack the values of this society.

So, in this sense I want to clarify, when I say that I reject all forms of mediation and that I deny having representatives, I do not speak only of organizations and political parties, but also of anyone who tries to control my life and use my situation as a prisoner to manipulate and / or negate my words and thoughts.

However this reflection is much deeper than you think, because in the environments of people supposedly aware of the dominance many authoritarian values unintentionally prevail and unconsciously disturb and contribute to the people who are meant to ‘help’ them to achieve their freedom.

One of these forms, for example, is the attribution to the family of prisoners, the power to decide what is good or right to exercise pressure or not in the sense of progress in the liberation of comrades or the extension of the revolt against prisons ‘outside’ the walls.

This is dangerous because it means to fall into contemplation and stop the revolutionary prospects that may arise from such attitudes of rebellion both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.

When a prisoner that does not recognize any representation manifests this position, they also speak of their relatives and more close people, since in spite of having emotional bonds in your life, you have to remember that the family is the nucleus and the first institution that fosters and reprodcues this prison / society.

The values of the bourgeois traditional family reproduce the domination and the subordination of its members to the state structure and for that reason reproduce that domination in family relationships disguised with love and affection which when understood in the manner of the bourgeoisie only degenerate into more domination.

Family members may never do so with the intention of doing harm to their loved ones, quite the contrary, but this is something that the system of domination knows well and then uses (for example) the families to close their ranks against any act of combativeness that can come from comrades who understand that when someone (whether family or friend) continues to engage in the dialogue and the game of the state there will be no real way of attacking their interests or making them step back from the repression.

Fernando B.



To those rebellious comrades and those who do not understand the world that surrounds them.

Once again I am here writing in this space for reflection that allows me to know myself a little more and to understand that I am free nonetheless.

It is true that I have had a self-imposed silence for several months because my moods are changing as everything does in life and sometimes I like the loneliness…

However, now that I have the desire to write, I want to do it mainly for 2 things; first to reitirate my position of everyday war since sometimes some people pretend to forget that we are living in a war. And second to clarify some things and question others on how we perceive from here ‘inside’ the solidarity of the comrades on the ‘outside’.

Anyway, for those who do not know much about these issues, I will be brief and explain to them that since December 13 I have been a prisoner for daring to attack and question the way of live that is imposed upon us. For this the enemy’s position (the state and large financial capital), is that there will be no truce. There is no way that someone aware of their rebellion that faces this reality dictating their own rules can leave the physical prison, as you are a potential threat to their society.

Proof of this is that even in jail, I have spent 3 of 4 years in areas of segregation for maintaining an attitude consistent with my ideas…

However, this is not all, for they have also done their utmost to obstruct all legal procedures and legal avenues. The only way that they will give in is to a greater force, IE the strength of solidarity.

Now I also want to clarify that I have never called for people to campaign for my freedom. While I think it is necessary to leave these walls, I think it must be done in a way that causes rupture and that even the struggle for the freedom of imprisoned comrades can be turned into a spark that ignites the rest of the population and finally make them understand that you cannot fight the prisons without fighting against this entire society.

This is why we have always rebelled from the streets, which are the great corridors that imprison our dreams…

So this is an incitement to action and to revolt, not only for my freedom but for the freedom of all.

You do not need days of struggle or an organization that tells you what to do. Test your creativity, vandalize their establishments, hang banners from the bridges, detonate explosive devices and disrupt their communications so that the ones above know and understand that they cannot control you.

The war continues until we are all free!

Fernando B.

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