Fremont, CA: Milo’s Bus Vandalized As Alt-Right Troll Laughed Out of Bay Area

It seems no rich-kid fascist is safe! First, trust fund 'fashy haircut' and 'meme to end all memes' Richard Spencer has all the moles on his face knocked loose after seeing his favorite billionaire sworn...

Hamilton Hammers Back: Solidarity with #NODAPL

Submitted to It's Going Down In the first few hours of February 1st, individuals in Hamilton, Ontario answered the call to be ungovernable in resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline and the secretive Grand Jury deliberating...

Montreal: “I Support My Comrades and Their Vandalism”

From Montreal Counter-Info Download and Print Poster Here In 2016, upwards of 20 yuppie businesses were vandalized in Hochelaga. At a loss for how to stop these direct actions, the city and businesses have recently rallied together...

Orlando, FL: Antifa Posters Hit the Streets

From Orlando Antifa “All art is always already vandalism.” – Timothy Morton They call Orlando the City Beautiful. But, recently, our city and the entire Central Florida region—like so many other areas in the United States of AmeriKKKa—have...

Philadelphia: Anti-Nazi Graffiti

From Philly Anti-Capitalist  

Philadelphia: #NoDAPL Graffiti Hits the Streets

From Philly Anti-Capitalist

Sydney: Solidarity Graffiti with #NoDAPL & #PrisonStrike

Submitted to It's Going Down Solidarity with the #NoDAPL struggle and the US #PrisonStrike from the occupied territory known as Sydney, Australia. From Sydney to Standing Rock, no pipelines, no prisons! Donate to help us grow and expand!

Philadelphia: #NoDAPL Graffiti on Freight Train

From Philly Anti-Capitalist

Kingston, Ontario: TD Bank ATMs Vandalized

Submitted to It's Going Down This past Saturday, several TD Bank ATMs were smashed with hammer and chisel and tagged "NO DAPL" in Kingston, Ontario. As of Monday, all machines at the downtown branch remain...

Bloc Party: Interview with Feminist Skate Crew BRUJAS

Originally posted to It’s Going Down We have been dropping not so subtle hints in our column over the last couple of months that we would be adding new types of content through Bloc Party. We...