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Oct 8, 19

Lincoln, NE: Banner Drop in Solidarity With Rojava

The following action report was sent anonymously to It’s Going Down.

Though many pundits and political commentators are surprised by Trump’s move to throw Rojava under the bus, those who have been following global fascist currents are not.

Trump and his followers can gloat about “killing ISIS” all they want, but if it weren’t for the PKK, YPJ, YPG and Kurdish resistance forces ISIS would still hold territory.

This isn’t about “bringing the troops home” and those who blindly parrot these talking points only reveal how shallow and worthless their patriotism is. We wanted to remind the “patriots” of who has really been fighting this war. This pact with Erdoğan is a convenient excuse for Trump to gain a win with his own followers. Meanwhile, an attempt to criminalize and brand anti-fascists in the US as terrorists redirects this misguided focus into a narrative that justifies fascist violence by white supremacist groups and militias. The world that these fascist groups desires mirrors the same as ISIS.

Rojava’s social experiment and display of power has been an inspiration for many of us. Its struggle has redefined the scale of what is possible in contemporary struggles.

We support the real freedom fighters and we hope that this symbolic action inspires others to act as well. Against the Turkish state, the US, and all of the tyrants.

-Love and solidarity from Lincoln Nebraska to Rojava-

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