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Jun 13, 17

Local Cleveland Business Owner Exposed As Alt-Right Sympathizer and Racist

We here at the Cleveland Antifascist Network love to interact with our fans. We noticed some comments from a curious young lady named Kristi Wall, who was curious “why we support Sharia Law.” Of course, we don’t support Sharia Law, but Kristi seems to think that defending the civil rights of Muslim communities is equivalent to this.

Kristi is a local entrepreneur and owner of Land Of Plenty, a vintage and new age shop with two locations (Gordon Square: 6511 Detroit Rd; Akron: 339 W. Market Street). Land Of Plenty also does tabling at events such as the Cleveland Flea and Night Market (both held in largely immigrant-populated neighborhoods facing the process of gentrification). Kristi is also the Director of the Akron Street Art Project (ASAP) a non-profit organization, which was a finalist in the 2015 Knight Art Challenge funding competition, underwritten by the James L Knight Foundation.

A cursory look at Kristi’s Facebook page shows the headline “Conservatism Is The New Counterculture,” a catchphrase coined by British anti-refugee activist and broadcaster Paul Joseph Watson of, whose recent exploits focus on scapegoating Muslim war refugees seeking asylum in Europe as rapists and violent criminals.

After a little bit of digging, we found that Kristi is a proud supporter and active commenter on websites such as high-profile Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer’s website “,” disgraced ex-Breitbart journalist and pedophilia-apologist Milo Yiannopolous’ “MILOnews”, Men’s Right Activist and Traditionalist site “Return Of Kings” and right wing conspiracy theory site “” Her comments espouse a deep hatred of African Americans, Muslims and Leftists (see photos below for proof) as well as a belief in Flat Earth Theory. Kristi also proudly “shouts out” Red Ice Radio, a well-known Neo-Nazi podcast that she appears to enjoy.

You can find her Facebook here:

You can find her on Instagram at @jambudvipa

You can contact her via telephone at 330-703-5633

You can send her a nice email at [email protected]

You can find the yelp pages of her two store locations here:

Land of Plenty is also a vendor at the Cleveland Night Market and Cleveland Flea
You can email Michael Fleming at Night Market Cleveland at [email protected] and the Cleveland Flea at [email protected]

Kristi is also the Executive Director of the Akron Street Art Project:

Fascists use speech as a weapon. By allowing them space and forgiving their actions we are allowing spaces to be created that are dangerous to our friends and neighbors. Antifascism is not a question of political speech, it is a question of collective community self- defense.

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