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Sep 6, 16

Lockdowns Continue Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

From Red Warrior Camp and Unicorn Riot

Today, thousands of people continued to converge in North Dakota against the Dakota Access Pipeline and take direct action to bring a halt to the project which threatens the drinking water of thousands of people and tribes as well as advancing the genocidal and monstrous industrial capitalist machine of resource extraction. The last several months were already the hottest on record, and the completion of the DAPL will only further the push towards climate chaos which makes a few rich at the expense of the rest of humanity. Moreover, this process of resource extraction also exposes itself to be the neo-colonial system that it is; intent on using violence and police terror to secure it’s infrastructure and profits.

In the last several days, a call has gone out for solidarity actions to take place in conjunction with #NoDAPL and to extend the struggle beyond the confines of the camp. There is not better time than now to act. Several days ago, security officers with the DAPL used attack dogs to try and stop water protectors from halting construction. According to an exclusive report on Democracy Now!security personnel were seen letting dogs loose into the crowd as the dogs began to turn on their handlers. In the melee, several people were injured and one dog was horrifically photographed with blood dripping form its mouth after attacking water defenders. Not surprisingly, police were at the scene and did nothing to stop the attack or make arrests. This shows clearly what side the State and it’s dogs, the pigs, are on: the side of corporate profits and power. According to Unicorn Riot

Deputies from the Morton County Sheriff’s office and officers from the North Dakota Highway Patrol were present, but generally kept their distance. Men suspected to be private security mercenaries were seen observing the actions on the site from up the road.

Some participants in the day’s actions speculated that the sheriff had told the mercenaries to stay off-site during any protests in an attempt to avoid an escalated public conflict like last Saturday when the attack dog handlers loosed their canines onto pipeline resisters.

The crowd of Indigenous water protectors remained at the site until the end of the work day, when those who had locked down to equipment unlocked themselves and dispersed with everyone else.

According to lawyers with Earth Justice and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the recent construction by bulldozers has taken place over various burial grounds and sacred sites. Also, the land that is currently being constructed upon is also all land that was originally given to Native people in a treaty but then taken away by the US government.

Destroy the Dakota Access Pipeline!
All Power to the Water Protectors!
Water if Life! Capital is Death!




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